After This

Don’t freak out, new catchin-up entry is coming up soon..

After this..

(Ceh, sape la yg freak out pon…)

Special message to the owner/driver of Black Myvi (cant remember the plat number), “I am really sorry. I didn’t see that you were behind me just now (which was a very weird thing coz I have already checked the rear view, side mirror and blind spot mirror, and nothing was behind me..). If I had seen you, I wouldn’t just swift lane like that. I wouldn’t risk my car ( and money ) for something that stupid. I reaally really didn’t see you. Sorry okay.. Whoever and wherever you are. I’ll be careful next time.”

Fuh.. Berdebar lgi ni..


4 thoughts on “After This

  1. salina says:

    50words rm100. amacam??

    neway, da bace psl kete u. gile ke ape? i tot setakat one garisan mcm tu je (ni pun da cukup teruk). *pics yg u put up 1 pun xleh tgk, sbb internet siput babi*.

  2. emywinchester says:

    amboi. demand btol. bajet diva la tu. haha

    giler nk mmpos. xper la.. i redha jer. org yg buat tu tah ape die x puas ati kat i. i mcm serik nk gi tmpat tu lgi malam or siang. if i gi supermarket pon, i akan cepat2 balik to my car. sooo paranoid. haha

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