Whatever + Random = LAYAN!

Yeahhh!! It’s Spetember already!!! It’s now two months away from holiday (and a week from raya!) Yeah yeah yeah! Well, I have something big to prepare for the end year school break this time. I think you guys already know that! X payah ckp byk kali. Hahaha

Motif update blog malam ni? Xder motif! I’m tired of marking books and trial papers for 4 nights in a row. Missed blogging! Now that I have time for blogging, I dont even know what to write. So, this is going to be a total random. And tahape2 punyer update. Soorreey!

It is the rambutan season again. This evening, after feeding my kittens, I checked out our rambutan tree kat tepi umah. Byk giler buah2 dier!!! Tapi sbb bulan puase kan, siang2 nk gi kutip/pnjat x larat. Nk tgu malam baru amek buah, malas la pulak.. Satu sbb mang malas, satu lgi sbb dh kenyang. So, kebiasaannye, buah2 tu akan busuk dan gugur sndiri… What a waste! I know.. But.. Hmm.. It’s been like this since forever… Sbb selalunye pokok rambutan ni berbuah time bulan puase. So, mmg mcm tu la jdinyer..

Merah2 gilee!

Sampai nk mencecah tanah!

Bile siang, geram tgk!! Dah malam, mls pulak nk makan..

Okay! Abes psl rmbutan!

Owh, I wanna announce something here. I’m now an official E.L.F! What’s that? It’s Ever Lasting Friends. It’s a fan club for Korean Super Junior! Owh, I’ve never liked Korean, Japanese or whatever. I dont even watch Mandarin dramas movies and stuff. The only sepet person that I know is Jackie Chan, for obvious reason. But now, I have a new darling! Okay! Let me list here the darlings that I already have,

Michael Owen (Abg Mike)
Steven Gerrard (Abg Stevie)
Fernando Torres (El-Nino/ Abg Nino)
*Nino, not Ninomiya Kazunari ye Eqa.. Haha*
Jensen Ackles (Abg Jensen.. Erm, nk panggil Abg Jay lah!)

Ade lagi x yg tertinggal? Hm.. Kalo ade, sorry lah ye. Tpi mang yang 4 kat atas ni yang masih segar di hati!

So, the new darling is,


Chullie Comel! Hehe

This is also Chullie. He can be a really gorgeous girl!!

The first Super Junior (SuJu) member that I liked was actually Siwon. That was based on physical appearance only. Then, I watched Suju Full House episodes on Youtube (thanks to @chiya2794, my niece for giving me the links), I was more attracted to Heechul or name manje Chullie! He’s sooo funny and sengal! Owh, thanks to my friend, @nedd2609 too. Dier ni pon mempengaruhi gak ni since she’s head over heels about SuJu. Tahap kronik. Heeeee…

Stakat ni xder belaja lgi Korean phrases or whatever la.. Yg simple2 je tau mcm Saranghaeyo. Well, I’m a newbie. Shut up! Haha

Hm.. Tu je nk ckp. Random btol kan. Dari pokok rambutan sebelah rumah smpi la ke Korea. Haha. Babai!

p/s – I always do this funny typo. I wanted to type, ‘Babai’ which means ‘Goodbye’ but always turned out to be ‘Babi!’ (means PIG). HAAHAH.


4 thoughts on “Whatever + Random = LAYAN!

  1. IqaShimen says:

    haha~ noted… not Ninomiya Kazunari (which is MY Nino)…
    I’ve been wondering about ur new obsession with Korean, Emy and I guess I should say that if only I’m around you more than I can influence you better… and I thought I did a good job last year… *facepalms* Now, it’s too late … *sobs*

    • emywinchester says:

      trust me, u did! kite mang senang terpengaruh! haha
      i still fancy arashi a lil bit, but now i know nothing bout them nmore. and xder sape lgi skang ni nk bgtau what they are up to, new songs or etc..
      but korean punye pengaruh all around me! like u did last time, they ask me to listen to suju songs, watch the vid clip, the talk shows, pick who’s my fav etc..
      camane la x terpengaruh? haha
      and i 100% believe that if we were still in ipba, i’ll be more to japanese than korean. haha

  2. nedd says:

    kekekekeke..i am in the stage of chronic!! hahahahaha..i’ll give u more links. since now u like Hankyung too. hehehe. i’ll give more info bout him too!! ROFL~ ehehehe..Korean Wave FTW!! heheheheeee. Saranghae-yo Emy-ah!

    ps: oh, i’ll teach u some koreans too. no worries.hahaha, ak pon xde la tau byk pon. kekekeke ^^

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