Let’s Story-Mory!

Good morning everyone! I have a day off today!! Yeah! Well, actually all Selangorians have a day off today due to Nuzul Quran Celebration. So.. I purposely snoozed my alarm and only woke up at 9.45am. That felt soooo good! I had enough sleep and I had enough rest! I’m sooo energetic today! Don’t wanna waste this precious day, soo… What I’m going to do?? Here’s the list.

1. Go to school to collect UPSR’s trial answer scripts to be marked.
2. Go to Maybank to bank in my check (dari arie tu nk bank in asek tangguh je..).
3. Go to supermarket to buy groceries.
4. Go to KONIKA to print pictures.
5. ________________ (dunno yet!)

Erm,  actually this weekend, I was supposed to go to Shah Alam, my sis’ place. I was intending to buy stuff for hantaran, (the baskets, the persalinan la, bunga2 or renda2 and etc) but, since my kittens just got back from the vet, so I think it’s not the suitable time for me to go there and leave them. I mean, yeah I’m sure my sis or my dad could take care of them, but I feel like no one takes care of my kittens as good as I do, especially when they’re not really well right now. So, I postponed that plan until after raya. Lagipon, nk gi time skang ni leceh la.. Nnti letih.

Erm.. I wanna post few pictures of what I’ve been doing with my classes for the past week. I start with Year 5 first (my own class). As what I’ve mentioned in this entry, my students wrote a poem (their own versions) based on The Little Cabin In The Woods, and after that, I asked them to write the poems on a manila card and decorate it as creative as possible. The most creative group would be rewarded.

The Blue Group

The Yellow Group.. Biasenye diorg ni nakal2, tpi time buat ni diorg semangat lak. hihi

The Green Group, Fauzi's group.

The Red Group! Group yang paling bersopan! Haha

My students' work... 🙂 The winner is Yellow Group!

So, I hung all these cards in the class. Hmm.. Class aku ni dh mcm ape je.. Penuh ngn bnde2 mcm ni. X cukup softboard, pakai dawai gntung bnde2 ni. Haha

Okay now! Year 4 class! I asked them to make a mask out of the cutting papers and manila cards. I actually had no ideas what to do with them in literature class. Usually, what we did was Shared-Reading and discussed the summary read for that chapter. Rasernye diorg boring, aku pon boring gak. Tahape2 tah.. So, I came up with ideas to do this mask. It’s based on the story, The Little Blue Boy.

This is how I divided the groups.

Colouring the mask! That's Thalith, in the picture.

Aina and Ashikin

SIAP! The mask, from the front!

The mask, from the back!

The Igbo tribe, with their masks on!

The whole class, with their masks!

So… That’s about school! Hehe.. Okay! Let’s talk bout other things! Hm… About engagement ceremony?? I still haven’t bought anything yet. Nada! Tu la yg ingat nk gie mgu ni.. Tpi x jdi. I’ve been thinking to buy the baskets for the hantaran, but sarang burung (bird’s nest) pon cantik jugak kan?? Erm… For the engagement, I only need 7 baskets. I’m now actually googling images for some ideas… Bukan nk tempah, nk tgk ideas je.. Kalo bleh buat sndiri, buat sndiri. Hihi… Tpi kalo murah, tempah je..

Credit pictures to http://emamin.blogspot.com

How bout this? Mcm cantik.... Hmm..

Or this one.. Ade daun2... NICE!

This is one of my fav too!

Yang mcm ni lagi senang... Sumbat je dalam tu, takyah gubah sgt. Hua9

EEiii… Cantik2 sumernye…. >_<

Okaylah. Gtg! Before I end this entry, here’s the video of SNSD (Girls’ Generation), Genie in Japanese version. Compared to the Korean version, I think this Japanese version of the vid clip is so much cuter! Thanks to my niece, @nazthebuzz for givin me the link to this cute video! OWH! I heart SNSD, especially Sooyoung! Soo comel! ♥

Enjoy, and babai!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Story-Mory!

  1. pnnz says:

    I like the basket with the red thingy (towel?) in it. haha…

    ur year 5 can write poems??? that’s great! i wish i can do that with my kids 😦

    • emywinchester says:

      yeah.. boleh la sket2 kot.. wpun funny je idea diorg.. haha
      tpi, mang year 5 ni yg agak okay la kalo nk compared ngn drjh lain.. and diorg agak matured sket.. haha

      i like that one too! mcm garden sket kan.. hehe

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