Two Different Emotions In A Day!

I have two stories to tell here.

1- Not a fun story. 😦
2- Exciting story!! 😀


This morning, I was a bit late (as usual). I got out from house around 7.25am. It usually took me around 10 minutes to get to school. So, since I was always THAT late, I would drive fast in order to get to school before 7.40am. There were no cars in front of and behind me at that time. The road was clear. While I was driving while humming the songs on the radio, suddenly I saw a cat from my left running across the road. It ran veeerrryyy fast! I was shocked. I screamed, tried to slow down, but I guess I was too late. I heard something like ‘GEDEGUK!’ under the car. God… I knew I already hit the cat. When I looked at the rear view, I saw the cat was already tergolek2… Then, to my surprise, suddenly the cat got up and ran again to the roadside. It ran perfectly, like nothing happened to it. Maybe at that time, the cat just wanted to save itself from being hit again by other cars, so it just ran to the roadside, ignoring the pain that it felt. I’m not sure if the leg was broken, or anything but I’m sure something must have happened to it. Maybe he’s suffering right now, maybe he cant walk, just lying painfully.. I was sooo down and worried. God… I didn’t mean to hit the cat… If I had time to slow down, of course I would make way for the cat even though I knew I was late to school already! Huhu.. It was my fault..

As soon as I reached school, I quickly texted Mr.Gonzales, telling him what happened. He told me to be careful next time, not driving too fast etc.. At the staffroom, I was just quiet. I couldn’t shake off the guilt that I felt. I nearly cried. I felt like seeing the cat tergolek2 on the road over and over again..

Dear pitiful cat, here I’m writing to you to let you know that I am soooo very sorry for what happened to you.. I didn’t mean it, I tried to avoid you but I was too fast and couldn’t slow down. I reaallly2 hope you’re okay out there…

I’m so sorry..
Please forgive me… Huhu.. 😦


Next! About my red baby…

Well, that baby hasn’t born/arrived yet! But I’ve already got the I/C number for her. It’s called, drum roll please…

*BKX 2331*

Okay! Let me tell you the story behind this.

I actually wanted a Wilayah number, which at this time maybe starts with WUC or something around that, but I changed my decision at the last minute. Well, I change my mind every 2 seconds, you all know that. Nways, I finally decided that I wanted Selangor number. That’s because, soon I’ll be settling down in Muar after I get married, and this Selangor plat number, will always remind me of my ‘kampung’, also as a reminder that I’m always a Selangorian. Well hmm, let’s just put it that way. Hehe. In Selangor, it’s now BKX, and the number was just opened for public to book this morning, since yesterday was still BKW.

And also, my first choice was actually BKX 3123. Obviously, that’s a combination of my birthday, 23rd April and Mr.Gonzales’ birthday, 31st January. But.. Sadly, the 3123 plat number was taken by someone else (whoever you are, damn you!), so the second choice would be 2331. But I guess, as long as 23 and 31 are together, that’s alright with me..

When I told Mr.Gonzales about this plat number, he said, ‘Sweet la bb ni…‘ Hihihi

So, BKX 2331, is MINE!
I’m sooooo excited!!!

Whoa! I already got the I/C number for my baby, but no name yet!
What am I going to call her?
Hmm… But one thing for sure, the surname is Winchester.


8 thoughts on “Two Different Emotions In A Day!

  1. mr. gonzales says:

    huhu.. wat a day rite?..pity to that cat..i hope he is fine..n congratulation coz u get that sweet..hikhik..

    • emywinchester says:

      i told my mom about the cat. and she told me, dulu pon dier pernah langgar gak, tpi ayam la.. ayam tu okay je after kena langgar tu, then petang dier mati. mesti kucing tu camtu gak.. huhu.. i slalu marah org langgar kucing kat jalan, tpi tdi i langgar.. that’s why i cam x bleh terime.. huhu

  2. mr. gonzales says:

    huuh..its okey my dear..ppl make mistakes sometimes..jd kn pengajaran..hehe..nanti bb gerak la awal sket keh!..haha..sweet ngan i je tau!! u!

  3. salina says:

    babe. xpela psl kucing tu. dr u try elak n langgar memane. hopefully die ok.

    psl solan u sape ‘b.o.c’ teng teng teng–> gb.

    • emywinchester says:

      but sebenarnyer, i takut kaki die patah ke ape ke, lgi die menderita. kalo i btol2 langgar dier, and dier mati, terus dh x sakit.. huhu..

      kahkah. if u have an old cow, i have a bulldog.

      i dh agak dh blog button i x bleh. sbb the size of the pic kot. nnti i buat balik.

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