Little Cabin In The Woods

credit picture to lochinvarsturdy.

The original poem entitled,
Little Cabin In The Woods

Little cabin in the woods,
Little man in the window stood,
Saw a rabbit in the woods,
Frightened as could be.

“Help me! Help me!” the rabbit said,
“Before the hunter shoots me dead.”
Come little rabbit, come with me,
Happy we will be.

I asked my students to change few nouns, verbs and adjective in the poems to make their own versions based on their imagination and creativity.

So, these are the poems that were written by my students. PSSSTT!! I copied them here without changing anything at all. This is EXACTLY what they wrote. That explains the grammar errors in the poem. Hehe

The pieces of poems by my students...


Big stable in the village,
Big boy sit beside the door,
Saw a horse in the village,
Sad as could be.

“Help me! Help me!” the horse neigh,
“Before the  villagers caught me.”
Come big horse, come with me,
You will save with me.


Big garden in the backyard,
Little girl in the swing sit,
Saw a beautiful butterfly in the garden,
Nervous as could be.

“Help me! I be trapped at the spider web,
“Before the spider eat me dead.”
Come little butterfly, I help you
Hurry up little butterfly.


Big zoo in the city,
Big man outside the cage,
Saw a tiger out from cage,
Frightened as could be.

“Give me some food! Give me some food!” the tiger said.
“Because I am hungry.”
The big man give some food to the tiger,
Full you will be.


Big garden in the backyard,
Big girl in the garden stood,
Saw a unicorn in the backyard,
Cute as could be.

“Hug me! Hug me!” the unicorn said,
Come cute unicorn, come to me
Let me hug you with my love.

I had fun seeing them having fun writing the poems. When they asked my opinions, I was like.. “Huh?? Nervous butterfly? Stable in the village??” Haha. But, it was all about their imagination.. So, xper la.. Okay la kot… Hehe.

On Monday, they’re gonna write the poems on the manila card (after I ask them to make correction on the grammar part, of course), and decorate the card as creative as possible, and display the work at the students corner.


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