Today and Tomorrow – Quick Update!

The latest layout of The Blind Kitten, and I super love it! Well, of course, I customized it myself based on the new WordPress theme, Coralina, that’s why I love it! Hahaha

Erm.. Not gonna membebel panjang2, just a very brief update, here.

Today, I got the first pay-check for the extra Saturday classes (English subject only) that I have been doing twice a month under SBT program (Skim Bantuan Tuisyen). Woo hoo! It’s not that much actually, but it’s my own effort. Senyum sampai telinga! Ade lagi sebulan extra class blom claim! Hihi


Also today, it was the first time I went to the vet. My kittens got an eye infection or something, I’m not really sure. I was soo worried, and brought them¬†immediately to the vet. Unfortunately, this lady (doc assistant ke ape la kot…) said, there wouldn’t be treatments in the afternoon and she asked me to come back again tomorrow morning. Weird. Why the hell then did you put the sign ‘PAGI 9.00-12.00, PETANG 2.00-4.00′? Grrr… Seb baik, this lady apologized and spoke to me very nicely. So… Xder la bengang sgt..

Hm… and tomorrow is the first day of Ramadhan. Selamat berpuasa kepada semua umat Islam yang akan berpuasa esok. ¬†Proudly I’m announcing here, I’m not fasting at least for a week! Huahua9… And it gets better, school’s off tomorrow!

That’s all. Babai.


7 thoughts on “Today and Tomorrow – Quick Update!

  1. AF Admin says:

    Nice pet layout article you got there like it! Go to my blog I have some pets for you… (Maybe I’m kidding huh) tnx!

  2. salina says:

    babe.since u ade layout baru, u letak la my blog button kat tepi. jap i copy kan kat bawah.

    :)))))))) tengs. nnt u buat la, i letak kat my blog. nnt i bg u the link k.

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