Sunday, Please Stay Here Forever… (random title)

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It’s 7.40am. It’s still way early in the morning for me. For a sec, I’m like… What the hell am I doing up soooo early in the morning?? Everyone still continues sleeping.. Except ayah. Hm… Last night, as I have mentioned in my Twitter, I slept in front of my laptop. I was reading Kaka’s tweets but you know, cos they were in Portuguese, I didn’t even bother to google translated them coz I was soo sleepy. So, I just kept staring at those tweets… until I realized it was already 1.30am. It was already dark. I saw my sister. I asked her if the kittens were already in their cage yet, my sister said no, so I ordered (yeah, not asked, I ORDERED) her to put the kittens in their cage. Then, I heard my mom asking, if I already performed Isya’. I couldn’t really remember, so I said yes, which actually meant no. I couldn’t get up and pray, I didn’t have the energy, and if my mom kept pushing me to, I know I would explode.  So, I set a quick alarm, at 3am, for me to perform Isya’. Yet, at the back of my mind, I know I would NOT wake up. And……….. I was right. I woke up at 6.30am. God, please forgive me… I was not strong enough to resist all the satans who were with me, last night…. 😦

So, that’s for the introduction. What do you think? Too honest?? I haven’t warmed up my brain yet coz it’s still early, so at this hour, honesty is the best policy.

Last few days, I attended this English course, called Program Peningkatan Kemahiran Bahasa Inggeris (PKBI), especially for new teachers. The name of the program, it sounds like the course is meant for teachers who really cant speak English, right? Haha. But it actually gave us tips on how to teach the students especially Year 6 (UPSR candidates) to get better marks in English Paper 2 (the writing part). Some of the tips, I already know them (thanks to my babe, Mdm Teh), but the good thing is, I’ve made new friends there.. 🙂 Hmm… Overall, the course was just a repetition of what I’ve learnt in college.. Some of the suggested activities, I’ve already conducted them during Micro-Teaching session when I was in Aussie. That’s why the course was quite boring for me. But whatever lah! I’m a new teacher… Dengorkan je la…

Nways, I have few things to share here. When I was bersembang2 with my group mates, suddenly a teacher from the next group asked my name, and when I said Emy, she told me that the Ketua Unit Bahasa Inggeris Daerah wanted to meet me. I was like… SHIT! Did he see me bersembang2 or what? I nervously went in front and met him. He asked me, if I’m a graduate which I said yes to, and long story short, he somehow knew that I once studied TESL in Aussie. I asked him back, ‘What’s all this?’ and he told me, he wanted to build a new team for this district. I was like…… HAAA??? Don’t ever include me, please. I’m not planning to settle down here. I’m planning to move, next year!! Plus, I’m not the person who like to conduct courses, give talks to other teachers how to tackle your students or whatever, I wanna lay low. Since I was at the college, I liked to lay low. Gosh. Hope he was just kidding.

And yesterday, there was Seminar Teknik Menjawab UPSR (again) but this time for Bahasa Inggeris. My subject. My school invited this Guru Cemerlang Bahasa Inggeris in our district to give talks to my students. His name is Cikgu Feisal which we called, Sir Bob. Few things were a bit contradicted with what I’ve already known, but I got them clarified and I think overall, the seminar was quite okay la.. The students enjoyed it……. Except for some students, of course. :-p

And after the seminar, I sort of discussed with him things that I should do to help my weak students to get more marks in this paper, and somewhere along the line, he invited me to be the Pemeriksa Kertas Bahasa Inggeris UPSR for next year (if UPSR masih wujud la…), and I just laughed, but my heart screamed NOOOO!!! I would get a really bad headache, I know, plus, I just realized I have migraine now, so marking the UPSR papers, that wouldn’t be a good thing, would it? That’s what I thought. But my GPK yg ngok ngek tu, he immediately told Sir Bob that he WILL sign me up for being the Pemeriksa Kertas UPSR, next year, after sah jawatan. Damn! I refer the thing to my babe, Mdm Teh, she said I better go for it. She again said, let me just quote her, “No one will tell you how to mark exactly, but if you do it, you at least have some ideas what is requested in the paper, the marking scheme and it’s good for your students”. Well, she didn’t say it this way, I rephrased it. Haha. So….. Takpe la… If this really happens next year, I’ll just accept it. It’ll be a new experience for me.. 🙂

Okay! Enough about that. I’ll tell you now about my cats. Hmm… Those kittens are getting bigger now! And more playful. And stubborn too! Skrang dh pndai tanak masuk cage. Berani melawan dah. Haha. But sometimes, you know when they were playing the whole day, run here and there, catch this and that, at night, they would sleep berguling2 dalam cage with their mother. Lena btol. There’s this a very calm feeling deep in my heart. Feel soo bahagia. Hahahahahah. I told Mr.Gonzales about it, and he said, ‘Amboi bb ni… X sabar2 je…’ Whaaatt?? I didn’t mean it that way lah! Ape laaa… Haha!

The kittens.. I haven't named them yet...

This one looks like Omei... Right..?? And it's also a he...

My Omei

Here are the things I bought for the kittens, the cage, the food and scented sand, the shampoo and etc.

The food.. But now, I actually turn to Whiskas lak...

Some more food, and the shampoo.. Shampoo tu saje dok gatal2 beli..

The new cage.. The kittens are getting used to it..

Well, since Omei died and I crushed so badly, I decide to take a GOOD care of these kittens.. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t take a GOOD care of Omei before, but you know, sometimes bad things just happen.

Okay! So…. I think that’s all for now. Kejap lgi nk mandikan kucing2 ni.. and basuh sangkar diorg. Ari ni last ganti puasa. And this time mom promises me mi bandung muar, conditionally. I go get the ingredients! Hehee.. Very well, mam!

Okay! Babaiii….


2 thoughts on “Sunday, Please Stay Here Forever… (random title)

  1. pnnz says:

    nice one emy..i think u must be doing a good job. i agree with mdm teh. u shd take the opportunity presented to you. its not easy u to get opportunities like that. n thn i can ask u for tips 😉 since im at a crppy school that no one cares about, i did not hv any1 tell me about upsr paper or marking/answering technique. evn the previous eng teacher at my school don’t care, she always say she doesn’t know. i had to attend a course and ask other sjk teachers but i don’t get to see them often. luckily i have sal to help me.

    u shd go for it! usu those who doesnt think theyd make a good teacher will always strive to be the best 😉 you can do it!

    • emywinchester says:

      reaally..?? i’ve never thought about it that way. i always thought it’ll be burdening me.. coz i always think i’m not good enough doing stuff like that. but i try to be positive… it’s an opportunity, like u said..

      eh, maybe u should join the marking team too nurul.. hehe

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