I’m Not In It To Win It, I’m In It For You

–The title of the entry is actually a lyric from If It’s Love by Train, which I’m listening to right now. I dunno if it’s related to the entry.. but……. erm……. yeah! Whatever!–

( Background Music- Leave The Pieces by The Wreckers, Wake Up by Hillary Duff, This Afternoon by Nickelback, Life Goes On by LeAnn Rimes, The Only Exception by Paramore, If It’s Love by Train. )

I always have trouble writing the introduction for my entry. I know I always start with something like this, ‘Hi there! It’s been awhile I last updated this blog.. Bla bla bla..’ Right? Getting sick of that line. So.. There! My introduction. I’m actually talking about writing the introduction, for my introduction of this entry. Whatt…??

Well… Today, I had Seminar Teknik Menjawab UPSR for three subjects which were Bahasa Melayu, Science and Maths. English seminar will be held next week, because of time constraint. We cant pack everything at one day, that’s for sure. So, as you can see in my Twitter page, it was actually very boring at first, but then, after few hours, I started to enjoy it. Some of the input given by the penceramah reminded me when I was in Year 6, preparing myself for UPSR, just like them. Nways, during the Science seminar, the penceramah gave the students tips about the changes in litmus papers caused by acid and alkali. Well, I remembered learning this topic, but my teacher had never told me this.It’s actually quite an interesting tip. It’s from the word, SAMBAL.


SA represent acid, M is red (Merah), B is blue (Biru) and AL represents alkali. If the litmus paper changes from blue to red, it means acid (read from B to the left), and if it’s otherwise, red to blue, it means, alkali (read from M to the right). Well, it is interesting! 😀 And I’m glad that those students now have easier way to remember this.

After the seminar ended which was at 5pm, I quickly met my tailor, which I called Auntie. I wanted her to make me a very beautiful engagement dress. Actually, I’ve already bought the kain months ago with my sis. The base colour is cream colour, decorated with sexy red sulaman/ kerawang or whatever you call it. It’s beautiful. Why did I choose cream colour as the base colour? Well, I’ve asked few experts (tokey butik2 pengantin) about what colour is the most suitable colour for engagement. Most of them told me, it’s whether white or cream. It’s the current trend. It’s simple (coz it’s only an engagement ceremony) but at the same time, it looks very nice and I would say… elegant! Well, of course I don’t wanna be behind the trend, so cream it is. And why is it with red sulaman/ kerawang? Coz I like red! It’s something to do with Liverpool. Haha!!

Chifon, cream+red

The pearl cream coloured lining...

Actually, I wanted to post a picture of me wrapped with those fabrics by the salesgirl at Jakel, Shah Alam (in front of everyone at that bridal floor!), but… It was too.. funny! I’ll just post it later.

Auntie said, baju tu siap in October, coz now she’s busy making raya dresses, which I dont really mind, coz the engagement day will be almost in the end of the year, so I’m not really in a hurry. It’s just that… I can’t wait to see the dress!!!

And honestly, when I was driving back home, I smiled from ear to ear! I was (still am) sooo happy!


2 thoughts on “I’m Not In It To Win It, I’m In It For You

    • emywinchester says:

      i know right! and i can keep the dress as kenangan! haha.. and part liverpool tu, since i ngn ewan yg decide sume colour and all, so i choose red liverpool la.. haha. ewan x ksah je.. hihi
      i wish u could be here on that day!

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