Just A Minute! Quick Update~

(Background Music – Tennesse Line by Daughtry and Super Something by Yuna)

Bank Rakyat guy just came here today. He handed me few forms that I need to fill in regarding to the new baby that I’m gonna get within these two months. I’m soo excited! ūüėÄ

Nways, in my previous entry, here and here, I did mention that my new baby will be in baby blue colour right? Well, first I mentioned, it would be pearl white, then black and then baby blue. Erm… Here it goes! I’m gonna change it again! Haha.. It’ll be something in… RED! HA! My red baby (as in Liverpool RED!). Garang sket! Hihi..

I have one last request (One last request? NO, that doesn’t sound right).

MIE 2304.

Can I choose this as my plate number??  Can I? Plz plz..
I hope it’s not that impossible.

Okaylah. Mahu mandi. Jap lgi nk buka puase.


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