Butterflies Fly Away… (SPP Was Over! Phew!)

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Here. I wanna share with you guys my SPP interview experience! There are 1001 stories behind the interview actually. Well, not really 1001, I exaggerated, but you know what I mean. Nways, I stayed over at my brother’s house, Abg Bob in Klang because her wife, Kak Seha would be the one who drove me to Putrajaya, the next morning. So, that night, I memorized lots of facts, NKRA, PIPP, NEP, TEP, SGM and blah blah blah, not forgotten all those Ministers’ names along with their titles. At the same time, I prayed very hard that I wouldn’t be asked those questions during the interview. I’m really bad at memorizing names and facts. :-p

Nways, the next morning, I woke up at 5.30am. Right after I took my shower, suddenly.. PUF! Blackout! I was like.. HUH??? Darkness around me, I couldn’t see a thing. I hadn’t even dressed yet! So, everything I did, dressed, prayed, getting ready for the interview, only with a little help from the torch light, but I still managed to put on my make-up and dressed well. Hehe. So, at 6.30am, Kak Seha and I drove to Putrajaya. In the car, Kak Seha said, ‘tak pernah ade blackout kat rumah tu. Tetiber je blackout. Pelik btol.’ Hu… Was that a bad sign or what..???

We arrived there, around 7.15am. While walking to the post-guard to collect the INTERVIEWEE PASS, I saw Intan. My friend when I was in IPBA. I was so surprised to see her! She said, she was also expecting Syafwah. The three of us would be interviewed on the same day! I had no idea! Haha. Then, more surprises! I saw Ellie!!! Ellie was my dorm-mate when I was in Form 4. My ex-school mate. It’s been a long time since I last met her. I basically screamed in front of the post-guard coz I was shocked to see her that day. I didn’t know she is a teacher.

It didn’t just stop there. The surprises, I mean. When I was trying to grab my wallet to take out my IC, I realized it wasn’t there. My wallet was not in my bag! I suddenly remembered, I put my wallet on the bed before I slept last night… And… I did NOT put it back into my bag. ARGH!!! I left it!!! Damn! I tried to talk to the Urusetia, if I could just go for the interview without the IC, coz I already had the certified photocopy, and they said NO. So, the solution was, Kak Seha had to drive back to Klang to pick up my wallet, and then drove back to Putrajaya. It took almost two hours. So, from the first session, I was pushed to second session, coz I didn’t have the IC, so I couldn’t register and took the turn. Not just that, I misplaced my photos too! It was sooo clumsy! Syafwah and Intan helped me to find the photos. We even asked few interviewees to stand up and move over to see if the photos were somehow under their chairs or somewhere near them. I KNOW I was really making a scene! The IC was one thing, now the photos! Hahah. Finally, we found it. It was in my file, between the photocopies of my documents. Phew! Thank God I didn’t lose it. Owh, before the photos, it was my certified photocopy of my SPM cert that was missing. It took me 10 minutes to find the damn thing that was actually terselit kat document2 yg lain. That one kakak urusetia la yg salah. Hihi

So, 9.30am, after I got my IC, I registered, and there.. I was the 8th person to be interviewed. Intan and Syafwah were long gone by then. They finished around 8.15am I guess, so that left me alone. With Ellie, actually. But Ellie sat at the back, with her few friends, so I just took the time to recall everything that I read the night before. After the 7th person walked out from the room, I was ready to go in, until I saw the Encik ??? (the interviewer.. I dunno the name until now) walked out, and he said, ‘Saya nk rehat kejap.’ Haih… I had to wait longer! Comon! I wanna get this over with! After half an hour, I saw him walking in. IT’S TIME! Few seconds after that, TING! My turn! I prepared myself, and walked in. I was told by the Urusetia that he was not the Dato’ or whatever, so just addressed him as Encik or Tuan. I sat, and put my bag on a chair beside me. He was flicking through my files and looking at my certs. He asked me to say something bout myself, so I went bla bla bla until I ran out of things to say, then I was just silent. He looked at my degree and said, ‘Owh.. Australia.. Banyak ijazah dari Australia yg x diiktraf. Awak tau x?’ I nodded my head and said, ‘Ye, kakak urusetia ade bgtau saye tdi. B.Ed Math and Science contohnye yang x diiktiraf tu.’ The Encik said, ‘Ha.. Untung la awak.. Ni dh diiktiraf ni kire okay la.. Senang urusan.’

Then, he asked me a million dollar question. ‘Dah kawen?’ I smiled and said, ‘Ermm.. Belum lgi. Belum sampai masa.’ He seemed surprised. ‘Eh, bile nk tgu masa smpai?? Skarang la masenye!’ And then I said, ‘Ye la.. Maksud saya, nk kerja dulu, cari duit dulu. Hehe…’ He nodded his head again.’Dah ada la ni kan..??’ ‘Erm.. Dah’. And he asked me how did we (Mr.Gonzales and I) meet and such things. I said, we were in the same course, bla bla bla.. Suddenly, he looked at me, cut me off and said, ‘Ha! Ni la. Org suruh belajar, die gi mengorat pulak! Sape mula dulu?? I laughed nervously. ‘Erm.. Tah. Same2 kot..’ And he said, ‘Mane boleh same2.. Mesti awak mula dulu kan??’ This time I laughed real hard. “Tak la Encik, mane ade. Dier mula dulu kot.. Btol encik..’ He laughed. ‘Ye la die mula ni.. Entah2 awak mula dulu..’ Did I mention his skin face was very very fair! And when he laughed, his face turned to red. Well… Kinda cute! Hahahhahaha

So, back to the interview, he asked me the toughest challenge that I’ve been facing teaching in the rural school so far. So, I said this and that, bla bla bla, yada yada yada… We debated about few issues a little bit, challenged each other’s opinions and etc, until he said, ‘Hm.. Okay lah. Saya saje je nk berborak2, berbahas sket2 ngn awak.’ I was like…?? Eh, it’s over already?? Really? I asked him, ‘Dah ke Encik?? Saya dah hafal NKRA sume ni. Takde tanye pon’. He responded, ‘Buat apa saya nk tanyer, awak boleh baca semua tu sendiri. Saya tanye pada bnde2 yang melibatkan penyelesaian masalah, cara awak berfikir, bercakap, tu je.. Semua fakta2 tu, awak bleh baca sendiri. Itu pon kalo x interview awak x bace kan?’ I quickly said, ‘Eh, takde lah Encik. Saya bace la.. Saya bnde2 ni mang amek tau.. Cume bile nk interview ni, saya bace detail lah sket.. Heheheh’. Obviously, I lied. I dont even have to tell you that, right? Haha

So, I guess everything went well. I didn’t get tough questions, even though I was ready for it.  I walked out of the room and the other interviewees asked me how was he, did he ask weird questions, and etc. I simply said, ‘No la.. Sembang2 jer…’ They said again, ‘Lamenye u tdi kat dalam tu..’. I looked at my watch. Haah la.. Almost half an hour. X sedar pon.. Hehe. After saying goodbyes to them, I walked out of the building happily! I was sooo relieved! I met Kak Seha, and we went for lunch before heading back to Klang!

There were few things we did after that, I mean we didn’t drive straight home, but I’ll just share the other stories in next entries. Owh! Did I mention I took another CRK for the next day? Yes! Haha.

Okay! Bubbye for now!


6 thoughts on “Butterflies Fly Away… (SPP Was Over! Phew!)

  1. wanna says:

    aku cume berharap nanti bile aku kene interview spp aku x sekelam kabut ko!
    ko memg legend ok bab3 mcm ni! haha
    tp, okeylah the intervwies seems went well!! haha.
    wish u the best for the result!

  2. salina says:

    drama queen tol!!!!!!!haha.neway,coolnye mamat tu. mine was 45 minutes. n smue tanye fact.xke ngis i dibuatnye.(neway, psl ngis tu bukan joke).

    • emywinchester says:

      u tau la i. clumsy is my middle name. haha
      yours laki ke pompuan?? i heard kalo pompuan mang leceh sket. and bila u kena intervw?
      that encik mang cool. seb baik la.. and u cried?? why am i not surprised? hihi
      good luck to both of us!!!
      miss u sal!!

      • salina says:

        duh emy. i can imagine u menggelabah. ahhahha. babe.i interview in april ari tu. lelaki yg interview. haji ape tah. but i da pass. alhamdulillah. xrela nk bace blk n kene interview lg. u’ll pass with flying colours. neway, part ‘Eh, takde lah Encik. Saya bace la.. Saya bnde2 ni mang amek tau.. Cume bile nk interview ni, saya bace detail lah sket.. Heheheh’ mcm deja-vu u ckp ‘i’m on the way da ni’. miss ya hun.

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