Here, My Sunday Words…

(Background music – The Only Exception by Paramore, T-Shirt by Shontelle, Where I Stood by Missy Higgins, Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield, What Hurts The Most by Rascal Flatts, Super Something by Yuna)

Butterflies in my stomach. That is how I’m feeling now. Really! I’ve been memorizing facts, mumbling them, and thinking bout them every time. I am sooo nervous bout the SPP interview that I’m gonna face this Wednesday! Argh! I hate the feeling! But at the same time, I cant wait for it to be over.

Pink folder tu...

Just wish me luck guys!

Another thing, it is about my baby. Instead of black, pearl white and very recently yellow, maybe now I’ll change the colour to… Baby Blue. It sounds… not so sporty, yeah, I know, but I haven’t made the final decision yet, maybe I’ll change it back to pearl white (Well, I change my mind every two minutes. Owh yeah, I’m a freak!)  Haha.

Few days ago, I purposely shut my Facebook account down, and now, I’M AN OFFICIAL ‘CHIPSMORE’. Why? No particular reason actually.. I’m just getting sick and bored of it. I told Mr.Gonzales about it, and he asked me to shut down his too. Haha. So, now both of us are Facebookless. I decided to activate it again when my new baby arrives (after I make up my mind about the colour, that is). Her pictures will be the first thing to upload after I reactivate my account. Haha. In the meantime, since NO-FACEBOOK at the moment, I’ll just tweet everything that happens around me on my Twitter and kalo rajin lgi, I’ll update my blog. Okies?

What else to update here..???

I guess no. So, till we meet again. Bye folks!

p/s – Mr.Gonzales, I command you to get well soon! Hurry! I’m dying of boredom.

p/s/s – GUH! What a boring entry!


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