Behind This Sunny Day…

( Background Music – Big Yellow Taxi by Counting Crows, Damaged by Danity Kain, Sunshine by Gabrielle, Get Back by Demi Lovato and The Only Exception by Paramore )

Hi there! Surprisingly and unexpectedly, I didn’t go to school today. I’m not feeling well. In fact, I just got back from clinic, taking my MC. Last night, I had serious headache ( Well, the doctor said it was migraine.) I told Mr.Gonzales about the headache and he advised me not to go to school today. Even though this morning I felt slightly better, but I still chose to stay at home and only come back to school tomorrow.

So, before I drove myself to the clinic (since mom and dad were not home), I read two chapters of The Book of Tomorrow novel by Cecelia Ahern that I bought with my nieces from MPH Midvalley last Saturday. Hm… What should I say about the novel..?? Well, it’s killing me! The first few chapters were soooo boring. Too many descriptions. The plot was so slow. I hate it! Now, I’m reading Chapter Fourteen, I guess it’s going slightly better, but to be honest, this latest novel of her, is not her best. But, I haven’t finished reading the book yet, so I don’t really know. But as far as I do, I don’t really fancy the novel. Still, I have to keep reading it coz I already bought it. Hahaa

Cecelia Ahern, The Book Of Tomorrow

Eh, it is now July already right? OWH! Another two months left, and then my kids (my experimental kids) will be facing UPSR. Owh! I dunno if I’ve prepared them enough for the big examination.. But, personally, I think the kids have slowly improved themselves especially in Paper 1. Many of them have already scored 30 and above out of 40 for English Paper 1. That left Paper 2 in dangerous zone. They’re not good yet in writing correct sentences and that is why I’ve tortured them now with SVA. I’m gonna meet them again tomorrow during night class (since I don’t have English periods with them tomorrow during school hours). I hope they miss me coz I missed them today. Haha

You know, I keep wondering where will I be, July next year? Coz, I’m, I mean, WE are planning to get married in March next year, if God’s willing, and I’m planning to apply for the pertukaran guru in April. If it will be approved (if the kakitangan kerajaan work faster la…), I’ll be transferred before the second term starts. So, maybe next July I won’t be in SKTJ anymore which is a huge thing if u ask me. But if it happens otherwise, I mean, I’ll not be transferred till the end of next year, it’s okay too since I’m still staying with my family. So, either way, I’m fine with it. Haha

Lastly, I just wanna say a lil bit here about my new Winchester baby. It is expected to arrive (and be mine) before raya which means, before September. Probably, instead of pearl white which I prefer the most, it’s colour will be black. Hmm… I think that’s fine. Black is okay too. It’ll look elegant and expensive but pearl white colour on that thing will make it sooo cute!!!. Haha. Nways, I cant say much, everything is still in the process, but I’m hoping for the best! Aminnn!

Nways, I should be resting right, not blogging. Bye!

p/s- one of the reason I’m blogging today, is because my Fifi is back from service! She’s like newww! She’s reformatted. But the only sad thing is, all my stuff, songs, pics in her body are now deleted. Including Hong Kong pics!!! Argh!! But thank God I’ve uploaded them in my Facebook! So, I dont really lose them. But I still want the original size of the pics, the soft copies from you guys, Salina and Eqa. Plzzz…

p/s/s – my ‘p/s’ is too long. Haha


2 thoughts on “Behind This Sunny Day…

  1. salina says:

    hi hun. yes. hk pics ade kat i, not to wori. fina pon xbrape ngn the book of tomorrow. i plak rase it’s okay. enjoyed it. not my fav la tapi. i miss u emy.

    • emywinchester says:

      coolll!! i need the pics.. sayang la.. all gone. huhu.. nways, the book of tomorrow tu, mang seksa i bace. haha. and i hate the main character. that tamara. haha.
      and sal, i miss u toooOoo!!

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