Quickie Quickie

Background music – Solo by Iyaz, California Gurls by Katy Perry feat Snoop Dogg, Airplanes by B.o.b feat Eminem and Hayley Williams.

Hi!! Sorry for not updating this blog, I’ve been busy lately.. Busy with school’s work, busy preparing my Year 6 students for UPSR, busy dating with Mr.Gonzales, busy shopping, busy planning future, busy hanging out with my sis, busy sleeping, busy watching world cup games.. Blah blah blah. ALL BUSY! That’s why I hardly had time to update this blog. But now, here I am!

Actually, I’m not planning to membebel byk2 kat cni, just a quick update. My last school break was reaally awesome! I spent the second week of the school break in Muar with Mr.Gonzales, well… Every single second with him is the best part of my life! Wheee… ūüėÄ
Seriously, cant wait to get married!

Speaking bout him, just now he just gave me a new nickname, which is Siti Nur BB. Haha. So, I gave him one too, Mohd Teddy Bear. Because he is my teddy bear!!! Sgt best untuk dipeluk!!! Haha

Okkkkay! Sebenarnye, I have few more things to tell here. But my eyes are so very seriously mengantuk like crazy. And I haven’t finished my lesson plans for tomorrow yet. Really gotta go! Eh, btw pictures will be uploaded next time. Which I dunno when. Haha.



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