What Is It With Women and Shopping??

Hey there!

I just shopped few stuff online, a dress and two necklaces. I couldn’t resist!!

English Garden Floral Dress. Kinda torn apart between the one in pink (without the cardie), and the black one. But finally, chose the black one.

And these two necklaces, I love them! Simple and cute!

Love the locket!

I dunno what that thing is (the shape of the locket) but I like it!

*All from Buttons.*

Let’s talk bout style and shopping!!
…since I just shopped this stuff few hours ago. Haha

You know, when I was a student, I didn’t care about whatever I wear, about style (NOT that I’m an expert now). I still remember when I was still studying in Brisbane, my friend Fath, asked me, ‘Emy, ko x penah gi shopping2 ke?’ (She asked me that question coz I saw her beautiful dress, and asked her where did she get it. So, she said, she got it from ValleyGirl. I was like, ‘Where the hell is ValleyGirl? Fath seemed soooo surprised that I didn’t know anything about the store).  And I said, ‘Shopping…? Hm.. Nak buat ape? Baju aku byk lgi. Sume bleh pakai (And by ‘baju’, I actually meant tshirts. NO DRESS! NO BLOUSE! NO SKIRTS! etc). And then Fath said, ‘Haha. Jawapan ko same mcm abang aku kalo aku tanye die nape x gie shopping.’ Haa..? Abang Fath? She just compared me with her brother. A boy! A guy! A man! That species who doesn’t shop! Hahaha.. Look how much I didn’t care about this shopping stuff, then.The only style that I used, was double-layer tshirts. I mixed and matched the long sleeves with short sleeves, or sleeveless (during winter only, if not, I just wore simple short-sleeves), got a pair of sneakers or thong, a sling bag, and I was good to go. Like this,

Australia Zoo, Gold Cost, Winter 2007

Sydney, 2008.

That’s when I was a student. Tapi skang pon pakai gak.. My back-up style if I dunno what else to wear. Haha

Now, I love dresses, cardies, necklaces, cute shoes, rings, necklaces, shawls, etc. I love those girlish styles! I realize that I’ve liked those stuff since I became a working lady. The only problem is, it’s just that I can’t (or won’t??) wear the same style, TWICE! It’s my disease. Why? Coz I always think people will notice what I wear and say things like, ‘Eish, die tu pakai baju tu lgi.. Arie tu dh pakai…’. Stuff like that la.. Macam la org lain xder keje nk buat selain nk tgk ape aku pakai setiap arie kan…? Bajet diva btol la. I think I’ve explained now, why do women always need new clothes, and always complain that they don’t have anything else to wear, even though they are standing in front of their big wardrobes which full of dresses, skirts, blouses, shoes, etc. So… men (ehem ehem Mr.Gonzales!), don’t la pening kepala.. Okay? Haha

Hmm… About The I-Can’t (or won’t??)-Wear-The-Same-Style-TWICE disease, this actually only applies when I dress up for special outings, like reunion, alumni, friends’ weddings, dinners, this event, that event (dating of course laaa! that’s why la beli floral dress kat atas tu. haha) and etc. Time tu yg x bleh pakai baju yg dh penah pakai. But if keluar minum2 ke, lepak2 ke with gurlfriends or even with Mr.Gonzales.. I just wear tshirts, jeans and selipar jepun. Sempoi.. Tapi x la selekeh. Haha

Need to mark my students’ essays.


Fashions Fade, Style Is Eternal – Yves Saint Laurent

p/s- Hope I get those stuff I bought by this Saturday!! Nk gi dating ni next week!


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