Let’s Do Some Catchin-Up #14

Yeah, finally! Haha.. I miss blogging. That’s the truth. Forgive me for neglecting this blog for quite some time. Erm, I did post few entries, but those were not the proper entries, but hey! I’m back! Hihi.. So, yeah, I wanna share with you so many many many things! Like things that I have been doing at school, things I have been doing at home, things I have been doing with my money! Erm, my convo grads, and the list goes on and on and on and on..

Well, erm.. Let’s start with school stuff first. Like a month ago, I almost ruined my teaching career with something stupid. This one student at school was being really rude to me. He cursed me in front of other students when I asked him to behave in class. So, I slapped him. I was angry you see. So, he called his parents to school and I had to explain to the parents what had actually happened at school. The parents couldn’t take it, and blamed me bla bla bla.. Long story short, the student was called to the discipline room and later he apologized to me. I asked him what was he apologizing for, I asked him to remind me what happened coz I already forgot. Actually I just wanted to see if he knew the reason he apologizing to me. He cried, but didn’t say anything. Finally, I just took his hand (dh lama gak dier hulur tgn nk salam) and he said sorry again, and after that I asked him to get back to class. Honestly, the thing that he did to me, I couldn’t easily forgive and forget. I still have this menyampah uncomfortable feeling every time I look at his face. So, I ignored him in my class. I didn’t bother if he understood my lesson, I made jokes with other student, we laughed together, except him. I totally ignored him. The truth is, I’m still hurt. Just imagine if your own student curse you, ‘BABI’ in front of other students, can you just forgive him? Just like that? (If you can, teach me how). And recently, he scored the lowest mark in his English paper 1, for mid term examination. 8/40.

If you hate me, you find other teachers!

I’m wondering.. Is it his own fault? I mean, like a balasan sbb menderhaka kepada guru (me) so ilmunya tak diberkati oleh Tuhan.. Or is it my fault? Coz I cant fully forgive him for what he did..??

Okay, that is one of the stories that I wanna share here. Not really a fun story, I know.

So… Let’s move to something more fun! Teacher’s Day! Yeah! This is the first year I celebrated Teacher’s Day! As a new teacher, I kinda expected that I would get lots and lots of presents (hihi. perasan btol!), and yeah, I got soo many presents from my students. Like a mountain of presents!

This is only half of my presents.. Haha

But trust me, until now, I still haven’t unwrapped all those presents though Teacher’s Day was like two-three weeks ago. Hehe. They are still on my table, nicely. But I’m planning to unwrap them tonight, if I got time or to be exact, if I’m rajin. Haha. Owh, I remember what did my GPK HEM say when he saw me with those presents, ” Tgk tu.. Cikgu yg kena serang dgn penjaga yang dapat paling byk hadiah.” Hahahaha. I just laughed. He is a very nice man. In fact, he was the one who backed me up when I was being ‘attacked’ by the rude student’s father. Whatever problems I have in school, he is the one that I feel so comfortable to refer to. He is really like a father to me. And recently, he told me he wanted to hook me up with his son who is a doctor. He said, ‘Nasib baik ko ni dah ade yg punyer, kalo x, memang saya nk jodohkan ko ni ngn anak saya’. I laughed so hard.. He was just joking, I know. But I dont care, I already have my Mr.Gonzales who is the best for me. And only him, I wanna get married to!

Erm.. Mor fun stories… Ow yeah! I’ve been addicted to online shopping lately. Who should I blame for that, huh? I think I’ve spent more than 1.5k, just for blog-shopping. Crazy silly me! It started with those super cute bracelets that I found on this random website, and after I’ve made the payment, I started browsing some more shopping websites. Then, I found cute bags, cute cardies, cute necklaces, cute this, cute that, all cute stuff! At one go, I spent more than RM800. Gilaaaa… Then, I moved to shawls. I started feeling addicted to buy shawls. Yelah.. Shawls sepuluh hinggit je, so asek beli je la.. X sedar kalo dh asek sepuluh hinggit, sepuluh hinggit, lame2 dekat RM200 gak. Deng! So, as the result, I have quite a collection of beautiful shawls from various colours. Looking at them, the guilt that I feel (coz spending so much money for blog-shopping) vanished straight away! Hahahah

Few things that I bought.. Ade lagi byk, but tak payah la upload sumer.. Haha

Long Printed White Cardie from Buttons

Pink Hand-Made Bags with Ribbon (ssoo very cute!) from Buttons

This necklace, sooo cantik! Hehe. From Buttons

Velvet Black Dress With Cream Roses from Buttons

*Well, most of my online stuff are from Buttons (except for shawls), coz the Buttons stuff are mostly so cute!*

Okay! More stories, two weeks ago, my mom, dad and sis had gone for umrah. So, while they were there in Kota Suci Makkah, my sis’ maid was here at home accompanied me. Her name is Kak Melda. She called me, Cik Imy, coz my nieces and nephews calling me that nickname. Haha. It felt so good to have a maid at home. When I got back from school, she already cooked me lunch, the house was already clean and tidy, the carpet was vacuumed and etc. The only not-so-fun thing was, I didn’t get to watch TV coz she conquered it 24/7. Not that I mind coz as long as I have my Fifi with my Streamyx, I’m fine. Hehe. So, during those two weeks, I’d been ‘ulang alik’ from Sabak Bernam to Shah Alam. I spent my weekend at my sis’ place since my parents were not home, so we did some shopping, girls day out.. It was fun! And I think I have improved my driving confidence! 😀

Then, CONVO! Erm.. not much to tell actually. My robe was too big for my size, coz I was late for registration so I could only took whatever sizes left in the room, and honestly, I don’t like our university robe. It’s ugly. The ugliest among the five unis. Eyy… What are you saying, Emy? Be grateful that you got to wear one during your convo! X bersyukur betul lah!

Erm.. I didn’t get to catch up with many people as everyone else was so busy with their families, (so did I) but luckily I still managed to meet up with my besties, Salina, Eqa, Ponnie and Nurul. Not forgotten other people, Lorex, Alan, Jujue, Ayie, PakNgah, Fat, Sue, Jannah etc. And of course, Mr.Gonzales. I don’t have to mention that name right, of course I met him. I would be crazy if I couldn’t meet him, my beloved. Haha. So, all in all, the convo was great, thank God my mortar board didn’t fall when I was on stage. Thank sis for the beautiful flowers, I love them even though dah ade yang terkopak kopek. Tu la.. Yg you guys gie beli bunga kat majlis convo UiTM Shah Alam tu watpe.. Ingt diorg x jual bunga convo ke kat IPBA? Haha. So funny!

Yeay! Us, the graduates! From Victoria University, Queensland University and Auckland University!

Qutians!!! Jan, Lynn, Ponnie, Emy, Sal, Nurul, and Eqa!

At the hall, Mr.Gonzales, Emy, Eqa and Ayie

*Credit pictures to Jannah, and Nab. Time ni I had my camera with me, but I stupidly left the battery at home. Mang bodo btol. Ade gak gmbar kat my sis, tpi x upload lagi.*

Okay, now let’s get to something ‘sporty’.
(Owh, on Disney Channel now is UP!!! My fav!!!!)

It’s been  while since I last talked about football in my blog. I mean, when was the last time I did that? I cant remember. The thing is, for this last season (the season that just ended several weeks ago), I was ‘merajuk’ with my beloved team, Liverpool for their bad performance in this last season. I was not eager to watch the matches as I used to, I hardly read the match reports after every game, and I didn’t even bother if they won or lost. I know, as a so-called loyal supporter, I shouldn’t have reacted that way. But… Hmm..

Nways, Benitez is leaving the club. People say, ‘Benitez leaving the club’ was a mutual agreement between him and the Liverpool Board. It is a decision agreed by both parties, but I believe it is actually a nice way of saying that he was actually sacked from his job. Well, it was due to the fact that Liverpool finished 7th in EPL, after being 2nd to Manchester United last season, and also being disqualified to Champion League this time. It was a terrible season. So, Benitez had to leave the club as the board did not want him there anymore even though his contract was actually until 2014. With Benitez leaving Anfield, most probably Gerrard will go to Real Madrid. I mean, Gerrard?? He’s not just a regular The Reds player, he’s the key player, he’s the skipper! What would happen to Anfied if he leaves Merseyside?? That is just insane! I couldn’t ever imagine Liverpool without Gerarrd.. Mr.Gonzales said, Maurinho (Real Madrid current manager) admired Gerrard since he was the manager in Stamford Bridge, he tried to sign him then, but Gerrard didn’t wanna leave Liverpool, so now, at the state of Liverpool’s desperation of money, they have to sell their top players to balance the club financial condition. Maurinho looks at this as a golden opportunity to bring in Gerrrard to Bernabeu, as he still admires the skipper. Seriously, I dunno what will happen to Anfield. The Reds without Benitez, without Gerrard (it’s not confirmed yet but who knows), it’s hard to imagine. And it’s not impossible if the Spanish players left in the club, like Torres and Reina will join the exit of Anfield.. Hu..

The Best Manager in Anfield

Will never forget this miracle.. Rafa will definitely be part of it forever..

Okayla… Enough about that. Let’s talk about FIFA pulak… Yeps, the upcoming World Cup, South Africa 2010.

South Africa 2010!

Which team are u supporting guys? Whether I like it or not, I have to say my first team would be England. Hey! Don’t say it’s cliche! Beckham is not on the team this time, okay? Nor is Owen. It’s because of my Abg Gerrard la! And.. Yes! Because I like him in Liverpool, so I must also like him in England. I have to support The Three Lions!

But… honestly, I dont think England will be able to lift the world cup trophy this time (Africa? The weather? English players? Comon! Do the math!), I’m aware of that fact, but I still support them because I love whatever they bring to the table. The styles, the WAGS thing and maybe some dramas. Who knows? Haha. England has always been my first team, at their best or worst condition.

And my second team, will be Espana!! The first player that I admired in Spain team was not Torres, but David Villa, in Euro 2004. I noticed that Torres was also a good striker, but I liked David Villa more. Plus, I have always thought that Spain is a very descent team. Haha. I always like to think that in a tournament, there will be bad groups, and nice groups. So for bad groups, I imagine that they always play dirty tricks, arrogant, cocky and not cute! Haha. Like France and Italy. I will never ever ever support those two teams. Yucks! And Spain on the other hand, is one of the nice and descent groups in World Cup. Reason? They’re like very quite, very descent, respect other teams, and actually very powerful without having to play tricks. Haha. Spain is like a cute cat among a bunch of.. dogs. Haha. Doesn’t make sense? It’s okay. This silly thing is supposed to be in my head, only, so it doesn’t matter if you understand it or not. Just thought of sharing it with you guys. Hehe

Okay la…. I’m running out of things to say now.. Hm…
Will update more things, next time.


*yeay, my blog is finally updated!*

*do you like my new layout? i ♥ it!*


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