Where To Begin?

I wanted to update my blog, but………. there are too many many things that I need to share here.. Some are happy stories, funny stories, and I believe some stories (or should I say, ‘a story’) are so unexpected. Really. Even I didn’t expect that, but it really happened.

I really wanted to tell you all that.The problem is,

*Read the title*

p/s : Should I actually write a catchin-up entry??

p/s/s : happy teacher’s day! to me, and to all teachers in the world.


One thought on “Where To Begin?

  1. nurul says:

    yes, miss emy….a catching up entry would be most welcomed.
    that way ur friends (including me) will know wht u’re up to and what interests you….

    im sure tym convo nt tak cukup masa nak citer semua benda rite???

    p/s: miss u **

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