Amani is KAWAII!!!

I’ve been watching Adamaya on TV3 channel since last few weeks. Honestly, for the story line, I think it is biasa2 je.. Xder la superb mane… But one thing that has made my eyes attached to the screen every evening, is HER, this cute little girl!!


Mummy Maya(Lisa Surihani) and Amani (Mia Sara Nasuha)

Both are beautiful! 🙂

With Papa Adam (Sein)

With Papa Adam (Sein)

So CUTE la!

Mr.Gonzales pon suke sgt budak ni.. He said, “suara dh la besar, mcm serak2, comel!”

We both always imagine that we have a daughter as cute as Mia, after our two (also cute) little footballers. hahahahaa.

K la.. Ni sebenarnyer kes x bleh tido. Pastu mula merepek mcm2..  Hihi

p/s – Fellas. Watch Adamaya on TV3, 6.30pm, Mondays till Thursdays.



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