One Of The Most Beautiful Things…

This makes me smile the whole night…
It was not the first time he said something like this,
But every time he did, he made me felt I’m the luckiest girl in the world..


– i love u so much, u know that right?-

p/s- to nurul, i’ll update my blog (catchin-up entry) very soon.. been saving the draft for weeks now.. haha. to eqa, i’ll upload the pics of my car. but just so u know, it is red in colour (liverpool). and.. u really wanna come to my engagement ceremony?? it’ll be a long ride from melaka u know. haha

Super Something


Super Something by Yuna

You see
I was nothing more
Than a girl who wished
For something different
Watchin her dreams
From a distance

You see
When you came in
It’s a different game
You believe in me so much
You turn me from nothing to a girl
Who’s super-something


You’ll see
I’m better
I’m faster
I’m happier
When you by my side
(kulalui semua dengan senyuman di wajahku)

You’ll see
I’m better
I’m faster
I’m happier
When you by my side
(ku tempuhi semua kerana engkau di sisi ku)

The truth is
I was never more than this
Something kept me reaching out
For something
But my heart is wanting
What it’s looking for

Then you came
You turn me upside down
I’m no longer afraid
Of chasing
I’ll be the last one standing

I was not a big fan of Yuna, actually, but I think she is really a fantastic, world-class singer, and has a very wonderful unique voice, I gotta give her that. This song is sooo catchy! The lyrics are simple yet very meaningful and for some reason it makes me feel very energetic. It’s like when I listen to this song, I feel like melompat2. Ahh… Yes! Maybe I’ve been influenced by the Libresse commercial break by Yuna tu kott.. Haha. Nways, I love how she inserts the Malay lyrics (kulalui semua dengan senyuman di wajahku) and (ku tempuhi semua kerana engkau di sisi ku) as part of the background music for this song. It’s beautifully done!


p/s – I dedicate every single of the word in this song for my beloved, Mr.Gonzales.
YOU make me feel SUPER-SOMETHING cyg!!!

-i love you!-

Where To Begin?

I wanted to update my blog, but………. there are too many many things that I need to share here.. Some are happy stories, funny stories, and I believe some stories (or should I say, ‘a story’) are so unexpected. Really. Even I didn’t expect that, but it really happened.

I really wanted to tell you all that.The problem is,

*Read the title*

p/s : Should I actually write a catchin-up entry??

p/s/s : happy teacher’s day! to me, and to all teachers in the world.

Behold, My Future!


I played this game when I was bored. And the result is WOW!

Love it!

Click here to play the game.

Owh, not really a good weekend. Have few things to share, but I’ll just do it later. Not in a mood now.
But this result of the game does cheer me up a little bit.


Amani is KAWAII!!!

I’ve been watching Adamaya on TV3 channel since last few weeks. Honestly, for the story line, I think it is biasa2 je.. Xder la superb mane… But one thing that has made my eyes attached to the screen every evening, is HER, this cute little girl!!


Mummy Maya(Lisa Surihani) and Amani (Mia Sara Nasuha)

Both are beautiful! 🙂

With Papa Adam (Sein)

With Papa Adam (Sein)

So CUTE la!

Mr.Gonzales pon suke sgt budak ni.. He said, “suara dh la besar, mcm serak2, comel!”

We both always imagine that we have a daughter as cute as Mia, after our two (also cute) little footballers. hahahahaa.

K la.. Ni sebenarnyer kes x bleh tido. Pastu mula merepek mcm2..  Hihi

p/s – Fellas. Watch Adamaya on TV3, 6.30pm, Mondays till Thursdays.