24.. Those Just Numbers

Hey there! On last 23rd April 2010, the one and only Blind Kitten’s owner has now officially turned…


Another number, another reason for me to be wiser.

Firstly, I would say, thank you God for letting me live for another year, giving me chance to breathe, to have a good job and to live with these awesome, lovely people around me. Alhamdulillah..

So, for this year, I’ve planned some big or not so big things to happen in my life.

:: FIRST, my graduation ceremony ::

Well, actually, I’m already a graduate. But not an official graduate because I have not been to any of my graduations yet. Graduations? Why plural? Coz there are THREE graduation ceremonies for my batch, or should I say for us QUTEES. First, it was in QUT Australia itself, in last December. I couldn’t go there due to unstable financial condition ( I just got back from Hong Kong at that time. I couldn’t spend anymore money to Australia!). Second one, it was in Nikko Hotel, KL in last March. I didn’t go to the graduation ceremony, but only managed to attend the Alumni and met few my besties there. So, the last graduation will be held in IPBA in this coming May, and by hook or by crook, I need to make time for that. In fact, I will ask a day-off the in order to spend more time with my friends!! Yippe! Can’t wait!

:: SECOND, I need a car ::

Yeah! And I WILL have my car soon. Very soon. But not soon enough for me to go to graduation with my new car. ūüė¶¬† I’ve decided which car I want to buy. I figured that for my first car, I don’t need something so luxurious. We’ ll start everything step by step. So, my first car’s probably………… tuuuuttt! Let’s just wait and see. Surely I’ll upload the pics as soon as it arrives. Hehe

:: THIRD,  my SPP interview ::

Well, I haven’t been called to the interview yet, so I don’t have to worry bout that. At least for now. But, whenever that’s going to be, I hope I’ll pass it. I want to be confirmed within one year only. Coz, I’ve been planning to transfer to another school next year. Well, after I get married. Does that mean I’m gonna get married next year?? I’ll come to that part.

:: FOURTH, my big experiment! ::

What do I mean by this? It actually refers to my Year 6 students who’re gonna sit for the UPSR examination this September. Since I dont have any experience teaching examination class, this I should say my big important experiment. This is going to be my benchmark. The methods, the techniques, the materials that I use, I can only know whether or not they are effective after the UPSR result comes out in November. If I can increase the school percentage for English, that means my experiment has succeeded, but if it happens otherwise, it means… disaster. But let’s not hope for that. We should be all positive, right? Plus, I still have time. They still have time. We’re working on it.

:: FIFTH, my engagement ceremony ::

We’ve been planning to get engaged in December. And six months later, which is next year, we’re gonna get married, if God’s willing. So, right now we’ve been doing some saving, planning on the themes, etc. To be honest, I can’t wait to end this year! To be someone’s fiancee! ūüôā

Those are some of the big plans on the list that need to be checked at this wise age, 24. Hehe. I hope, all of my plans are going to fall into right places, and they’ll fill in the blanks in my life, perfectly. God, plz make my dream come true.. Amin!

– We turn not older with years, but newer everyday –


3 thoughts on “24.. Those Just Numbers

  1. salina says:

    okayy. im being melodramatic here. but when i read РTo be someone’s fiancee!, i almost cried.

    anyway.good luck with all the plans. i hope my plans pon will berjln as planned.

    • emywinchester says:

      sal! how sweet! hehe.. it’s kinda hard for me to believe that i’m gonna enter that phase soon, but i hope for the best! thanks sal! good luck with ur plans (what plans?? care to share??) too!

      p/s- melodramatic moment is accepted here. hhehhe

  2. Iqa says:

    Looking forward to the first and fifth ones…. (I so picture myself there …) Want to know more about the second one (pls…. *puppy eyes* )… Not looking forward to the third one myself (though it needs to be done *sigh*) and Good Luck for the fourth one…

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