A Tribute To Omei

Yesterday, when I came back from school, I quickly searched for Omei. He usually waited for me at the garage, but yesterday I could not find him anywhere. I asked my sister if she had seen him, but she said she was also looking for him. I started to feel very uneasy. I got out and called out his name. Finally, I saw him sitting in the drain. I was relieved and really happy. But then, I stopped. He usually would run to me when I called. But at that time, he was just sitting there and looking at me. It was like he was too weak to move. I carried him into the house. I stroked his head and checked out his body. I saw something like a bite mark on his belly. And I also noticed every time I touched his belly, he meowed like he was in pain. He usually hated when I tickled his belly, and he would playfully catch my fingers and bit them (and yeah, he loved to play with fingers). But not this time. He was really in pain.

I carried him to the kitchen and fed him but he didn’t wanna eat. Usually, he was the one who couldn’t wait for his food. I still remember him waiting in front of the fridge, because he knew we kept his food in it. Even when there was no one at the kitchen, he would sit still and keep looking at the fridge. We once opened the fridge, and waited what he was gonna do about it. Know what? He climbed up the compartments in the fridge! To search for his food! He was really funny! But that was before he was suddenly sick. I forced him to eat, but he just refused. So, I carried him back to the hall and let him sleep and rest. During Maghrib, I asked my dad where was Omei coz I didn’t see him. Dad said he was in the bathroom. I looked for him in the bathroom but he was nowhere to be found. I called out his name again, but he didn’t come out. I felt like crying already. Suddenly, my sis said, ‘Tu Omei!’ I turned. I saw him. Walking very slowly. Like very very slowly. I carried and put him on my lap. I kept asking, ‘What’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with you?’ I asked my sis to bring some water, and minyak gamat. Looking at the bite mark on his belly, I bet he was bitten by something. Dad said he was perfect in the morning, so this must had happened in the afternoon. Hu..

I let him slept on my chest. He was really really weak. I saw him trying to get up and move, but he couldn’t. He kept falling. Something was wrong with his hind legs. Gave up, he laid again. I really did not know what to do. No vets opened at night, and I was pretty sure my place hasn’t got the nearest vet that I could refer to, especially during that hour. I prayed hard that Omei would be okay. Suddenly, I saw him getting up and walking to the stairs. He still could walk, but he walked in pain. He laid under the stairs, between boxes, like he was hiding from something. Dad said let him rest there and don’t disturb him.

So, I went back to the hall. Then, I heard dad shouted that Omei was dying. I quickly got up and went to the stairs. I saw him shaking. He meowed with a very rough voice, in pain. I couldn’t hold my tears. Dad said he couldn’t be helped anymore. Dad stroked his head while reading some doa. With a little hope, I really wished that doa would somehow make him feel better. But of course, it didn’t happen that way. He was really dying. I saw him shaking his hind legs. I saw him struggling to breathe. I just couldn’t watch anymore. I went back to hall, grabbed my phone, and texted Mr.Gonzales to tell him about Omei with watery eyes. I couldn’t really see what I was typing. Few minutes after that, dad said Omei was gone. I didn’t respond. I pretended that I didn’t hear that. But at the same time, I texted Mr.Gonzales, telling him that Omei was gone. I cried and cried. I just couldn’t accept it. I cried even more what dad said ‘bru semalam seronok main2, hari ni dh xder..’ I took my towel and went to the bathroom. In the bathroom, I cried my eyes out. How did this happen?? It was all so fast. I still remember when Wana came to my house, gave Omei to me as a gift. I remember giving him bath, I remember putting Omei on my lap when I was giving him a drive to Sg.Besar, I remember him waiting for me every time I got back from school, I remember tickling his belly and he got mad, playfully caught and bit my fingers.. I remember when I was lying on my belly on the carpet, he would climb on me and slept on my back. In fact, that was how we took a nap together. I remember feeling so excited buying him his food, I remember everything about him. He was so special. I think he was the only cat that had a good bonding with all of us, especially my mom. I had never seen my mom playing with a cat, because she hates cats, but with Omei, she even let him slept on her lap. He stole our hearts with his charm.

I know some of you might think, ‘Why is she so emotional? It was just a cat!’ Yeah, it was just a cat. But that cat was my friend. My priceless friend.

Now, I have to get use to the fact that he is gone, and not coming back.


Omei, on his first day coming to my house..

He was the same colour with the one on the screen right..

I brought him for a drive.. He was scared of the car engine..

While driving, I had to calm him down..

Him, sleeping on my belly.. His usual spot..

The bond between us..

He always wanted to get my attention.. Even when I was surfing the net..

The place where I used to give Omei his bath..

Behind my house, this is where Omei was burried.. ;-(

To Omei, thanks for brightening up my days even it was only for a while. I hope you know that I really really love you.. You’ll always be missed, my love..

Omely aka Omei
Rest In Peace


4 thoughts on “A Tribute To Omei

  1. mr gonzales says:

    i am touched while reading this entry, almost cry coz i love cat too..i know he meant a lot to you..be strong sayang..u can..and sorry for what i said before..now i know y u love him so much..huhu

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