The Tagged Thing Is Not That Last Year, Sal..

Hm.. I am actually waiting for 12.30am coz Mr.Gonzales asked me to wake him up. He needs to finish his work yg agak terbengkalai tdi. So, as the clock ticking, and apparently I’ve been tagged, so here you go.

1. are you in love right now?
YES! thousand times YES!
2. now, who’s on your mind?
my BF! coz i need to wake him up in a few minutes. haha
3. now, what’s on your mind?
my BF! the one and only my mr.gonzales. 🙂
4. where do you feel like going now?
vacation. plzz…
5. now, what do you want?
more money.
6. when is your birthday?
7. do you think you are going to get married soon?
YEAH!!! and i actually can’t wait for that!
8. first time you fell in love?
when i was in school?? but thinking about it now, i dont think it was love. it was just a silly crush. love is what i feel right now with mr.gonzales.
9. why did your last relationship end?
why it ended? we didn’t even have a relationship. it was just a silly crush. duh!
10. first love?
u mean first crush? coz my first love is mr.gonzales.
11. last place you’ve been to?
kedai alek. to buy some groceries.
13. last dream?
can’t really remember. it was something about the….. ?? what ha..??
14. last present you got?
a cute light brown wallet by my student.
15. last present you gave someone?
ratu scarf. to mr.gonzales’ mama.
I wanna call him!


2 thoughts on “The Tagged Thing Is Not That Last Year, Sal..

  1. salina says:

    babe. ni comment previous entry psl ur mom tu lawak gak yg die ckp “da ade da, tu la orgnye”. hahaha. anyway. no 7 tu. clap clap.

    • emywinchester says:

      i pon x expect mak i nk ckp mcm tu. to be honest, i x expect pon diorg nk discuss bout that thing. haha.

      nways, thanks for the claps for no.7! pray for our happiness! hehe

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