He Is The Greatest Of All

Today equal to, crazy day. Really! I went all-amok from Year 4 until Year 6. Mcm2 hal. Mostly, kes x bwk buku and x siap homework. Well, I know all these cases are normal classroom problems. But you know, since I have already promised my students, whoever did not finish their work, they would be punished (caned) this week, so I had to do it.

Well, actually, it is not the thing that I wanna share with you. Let’s get to the main point here.

Okay, when I was about to go to Year 6 class, Kak Nora (pre-school teacher at my school) told us an interesting story that managed to glue my feet to the floor. I stood near the door while my right hand was holding the record book and the other was holding the doorknob ( I was about to go out, remember?) and listened to her story. Well, maybe some of you have already known this, but honestly, it was new to me.

Cenote Angelita, Mexico (The Underwater River)

Cenote Angelita, Mexico (The Underwater River)

The mysterious river.

It was about a mystery underwater river in Cenote Angelita, Mexico sea. First I heard it, I was like.. ‘Seriously?? There is such thing??’ And then, Kak Nora further told us about how some of the professional divers dived into the sea and discovered the mystery underwater. At first, there was a cave. Then, as they diver further into the cave, they discovered the mysterious river, an island complete with falling leaves and trees in that area.

Some of the quotations that I took from ChandraWijaya.com.

“As reported by crystalkiss.com, at a depth of more than 30 yards a team of divers to find fresh water in the middle of the ocean water column.”

“At the bottom of the cave diving team discovered a river complete with trees and leaves that float in the water column.”

“In the depths of 60 meters I found the water again. I saw a river, island, complete with falling leaves.”

Get to the most amazing fact, the underwater river is not salty even though it is under the salty sea water. It tastes like the normal river water, ‘fresh water’. How could that happen?

Here’s a video.

Well, I’m sure there is a scientific explanation about that, but don’t we realize it already? God is full of mysteries that yet to be discovered.

[He is the one who has set free the two kinds of water, one sweet and palatable, and the other salty and bitter. And He has made between them a barrier and a forbidding partition. (Quran, 25:53).]



3 thoughts on “He Is The Greatest Of All

  1. bilal akram says:

    Quran also says that in both waters there are “pearls ” which is not understood by our scholars because fresh water donot contain pearls but with this discovery ,everything changes!!
    also i like to say that muslim scholars should not try to convey the scientific meaning of a verse that they donot understand.They should wait and people will knoe themselves!!!

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