Let’s Do Some Catchin-Up #13 (Part 2)

Okay! Now, here’s the Part 2 of the Catchin-Up #13.

On Tuesday during the holiday, I went to my sis’ place in Shah Alam. It was always fun meeting up with her, her daughters and sons. They are my favourites. Haha. That evening, my cousin (Kak Ijan), my sis and I went to Plaza Alam Sentral to check out some stuff. Well, apparently, Kak Ijan’s son is getting married. So, they were looking stuff for hantaran, as well as being my wedding planners. Haha. X pasal jer. But honestly, there were lots lots and lots beautiful things at the store that I have already considered to buy for my engagement and wedding ceremony. Sebenarnyer, nk setelkan hal anak Kak Ijan tu dulu, tpi tah my sis ni pon beria gak nk pikir2 ntok my ceremony nnti. So, layan jer la.. We went to Masella’s Bride & Groom Boutique. That Masella lady was very lovely! She suggested few interesting themes, colours and talked about recent trends for todays’ brides. To me! I mean… Wow! I felt like my big day is JUST around the corner! So excited!

And since Abang Man (my brother in law) came home late from work, so we went to i-City Shah Alam in Seksyen 7, very near to my sis’ place. I was just wearing my PJ. Haha. There were sooo many people there. There was hardly any parking spot left. My sis said, i-City ni dh lame ade. But skang bru org nk dtg sbb baru tau. Itu pon sbb masuk tv. Haha. Well, it was soooo colourful! The trees were all fake. At first I thought they only put the colourful lights around the leaves that made the trees looked colourful. But as I was walking nearer to the trees, I realized the trees had no leaves at all. It was all bulbs. All the colourful bulbs! I dunno how much the state government has paid for this, I’m sure it’s hell a lot! But as long as it is for orang ramai and not kepentingan sendiri, I think that’s fine. Hehe.

Some of the pics at the i-City!

Colourful trees..

Look at that!! Like FantasyLand!

These are all bulbs..

Me likey!!

Forget all the colourful trees, I actually prefer the white ones.. Hehe

If you walk further in, there is a Snow House in one of the buildings in the park. They set the temperature in the building very low to match the idea of a winter set. So, it was really cold! All those white bulbs and cottons (snow), the snow men in there were very beautiful!

Snow Man!

Santa Clause's carriage!

The snowy mountain..

Next time, I wanna go here again! With my sis, my nieces, my bro and Mr.Gonzales! Hehe

Owh, almost forgot! I actually saw a familiar face at the i-City. I saw Izyan Amalina. Haha. But I was in the car at that time, so I hadn’t had a chance to say ‘hi’. Hehe.


My Holiday in Muar (Midvalley dulu..)

I spent my first-term school break in Muar with my beloved of course, Mr.Gonzales. He went all the way to Shah Alam to pick me up from my sister’s house, then we went shopping at Midvalley before going straight to Muar that night. Haha! I was kinda nervous to see him after months separating from each other. When I did, I just couldn’t stop smiling! Hehe.. I missed him tooo much!

We wanted to watch Alice Wonderland, but the tickets were all sold-out. So, we watched The Wolfman instead since that was the only movie that fit our timetable. We couldn’t stay too late, coz Mr.Gonzales needed to drive back to Muar that night. I didn’t want him to feel too tired.

Some pics at the Midvalley.

Centre Court, Midvalley, Alice in Wonderland set

EMy Winchester Abdul Malik

Those mushrooms were cuttteee!

Bought some baby stuff for Mr.Gonzales' newborn nephew.. Hehe

I HAD to buy this.. My Rip Curl watch that I bought in Aussie was already busted.

It is like a bracelet. So elegant! I love it!

Some products for beauty maintainance. Haha

Shoes for work!

Shoes for jalan2.. Haha

I also bought a white pants and black skinny jeans. Owh, have I mentioned that now I’m into skinny jeans? Owh YEAH!

My Holiday in Muar (Batu Pahat)

Then, the next day in Muar, we ( Mr.Gonzales, his mom and I) went to Bandar Muar to settle some documents about his late dad and the properties that he left. All those ‘urusan tukar nama’ lah. Then, in the afternoon, we went to BP (Batu Pahat) Mall. Watched movies, and did some more shopping!

On the way to BP Mall with him.

I'm also into shawls, lately!


Sebenarnyer between this shawl and yg kat atas tu, tatau nk pilih yg mane.. So, beli je both. haha

I bought this book as well.. And now, had already finished reading it. Need another book!

My precious books so far.. Xder la byk sgt pon.. Well, I'm not a 'pembaca tegar'. Haha

Otw balik, Mr.Gonzales introduced me this Murtabak Singapore, or I called it Murtabak Gergasi.. It was big and thick.. Sedap!

One thing I love being here, I get to play with Himawari, Mimi, Sinchan and Chemeh!! Those are Mr.Gonzales’ cats! Both of us love cats very much! He even bring those cats to vet to give them injection supaya x kena kurap etc. Let me introduce you to his cats.

That is Himawari.. The cutest! And the biggest!



And, there is one more. Her name is Mimi. But I dont have the pic of her. She kept running around and it was hard to take her pics. Kucing Mr.Gonzales sume bulu pnjang2 and tebal mcm kucing parsi, except Mimi. But they are all very cute!

My Holiday in Muar (SK Parit Pechah)

The next day, guess what? I was asked to cook for their lunch!! Hu.. I know at first his mom was only joking, but I’ve been here in Muar few times already. I couldn’t let her mom do all the cooking alone, this time. So, I bought all the ingredients (ikan bawal, tomatoes, cabbage, peas, etc). His mom and I were ‘bergaduh’ nk byr. I insisted to pay and his mom didn’t let me. So, I just waited at the counter and when his mom came with all the stuff, I quickly shoved the shopkeeper my RM50 note. Haha. I won! Okay! Why did I insist to pay?? Coz I was the one would be cooking! So, let’s just say if the dishes were not up to their standard,  at least it was my own money that I wasted. Haha. But I guess I freaked out too much! His mom did help me in the kitchen, and gave me some cooking tips. Hahahaha. I guess she somehow knew that I didnt cook often. His mom’s cool! Well, not as cool as my mom for sure, but as a future mother in-law, she’s cool enough. And I love her. Hehe

And after lunch, we went to SK Parit Pechah (Mr.Gonzales’ school) to help him painting his class. His school is about the same size as my school, but I think my school is slightly bigger due to the size of the school field. Hehe. He painted his class yellow and purple. To be honest, I was jealous! And I intended to paint my class to make it more beautiful than his. But, that was then. And I left my spirit there. Back home, tetiber rase malas pulak. Hahaha.

Here, the pics!

Mr.Gonzales' class...

Mr.Gonzales tgh cat kelas... Rajinnye pakcik.. Hehe

Decorate blackboard pulak..

Azraei pon tlg gak.. Rambut dh beruban dah.. Haha

Ni mengacau je ni.. Haha

The whole view in front of the class..

Sampai malam deco class..

The next day, it was the time for me to go back home. Well, what made me nervous was, his family decided to go to meet my family! Along the way, I kept calling and texting my mom updating her our current location. Mom was preparing lots of dishes and kuih2 for them, so she needed to know bape lame lgi kitorg nk smpai. Kehkeh. Lawak pulak. We arrived at Sabak around 3.15pm. Since they hadn’t had their lunch, so we served the food first. After lunch and performed pray, his mom went to the serious matter. She began with, ‘Maafla ye, kalo kedatangan kami ni xder adat ke ape ke, tapi dh terlanjur dtg ni, kite ikut cukup syarat je lah. Kami ni nk tanye lah.. Emy dh ade org ke blum? And then, all laughed. My mom said, ‘Dah ade dah.. Itu la orangnye..’ referring to Mr.Gonzales. Haha. They continued talking bout hantaran, dates and stuff. Most of the details were actually up to us, so they just discussed the whole big picture of the future ceremony. Nice! Everything’s up to us! Hehe


Qut Alumni

I decided to go to this alumni at the last minute. I was torn apart between PIBG meeting and this alumni. But finally, on Friday at 12pm, I went to my GPK room and put the letter of the alumni invitation on his desk and texted him and that I couldn’t come to the PIBG meeting. I didn’t wanna call him, coz I bet he would ask so many questions. After texting him, I switched my phone off. Haha! And there… To the alumni!

The alumni was held at Nikko Hotel, KL. Even though Mr.Gonzales couldn’t come to the alumni, I was still happy to see my babes there, Ponnie, Eqa and Nurul, Alan and Little P (Nurul’s sister). Zahirah was also there. From TESL batch, there were only five of us, and the rest was from other batches and institutes. Well, to be honest, the speeches were boring (even though I felt so good to hear the Aussie accent again) but the food was marvelous!

Some pics at the alumni.

Me and Eqa at the alumni..

My gf (Alan) and I..

I dunno if this is business attire (the dress code), but whatever.. Haha

Very fun night!

Eqa and I slept at Ponnie’s place in Rawang. The next day, we went to SK Seri Damai to meet our cooperative teacher when we were doing our prac there, Mdm Teh. They were having Sports Day, so we thought we wanted to drop by and say a quick hello to the school.

At SK Seri Damai, Petaling Jaya, with our favourite Mdm Teh!

ex-TESL trainees.. now, we are TESL teachers. haha

After dropping Eqa at the Pudu, Ponnie sent me to Ampang Park to take the LRT to KL Sentral. Well, I managed to see Pak Ngah. What? Yeah, Pak Ngah, Mr.Gonzales’ gay partner or I used to call him, my mysterious guy. Haha. Actually, Pak Ngah temankan Ponnie drive from Pahang to KL, sbb Ponnie x brani drive sorg. So, before they drove back to Pahang, jumpa la PakNgah kejap. From KL Sentral, I took a commuter to Shah Alam, and my sis fetched me there at the station. That evening, I went back to Sabak Bernam to prepare the lesson plans and etc for the next day. So… That’s pretty much it!



2 thoughts on “Let’s Do Some Catchin-Up #13 (Part 2)

  1. mr gonzales says:

    haha..finally u update gk ur blog..been waiting for quite sometimes..haha..i cant believe byk gler aktiviti u mase holiday ari tu..i had fun been accompanied by u syg!!!..hehe..hope u njoy ur stay kat muar..dtg lg k..haha..

    p/s : i love you so much!!!! 😉

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