Let’s Do Some Catchin-Up #13 (Part 1)

Hi all!! Do you miss me??! Haha. Where have I been?? BUSY with work, of course! …and some other things too. Hehe. It’s nearly two months that I didn’t update my precious Blind Kitten. I do visit it, though. Just I didn’t really have time to update it. But now, here I am!

Erm… Where do I start??

Kem Bestari Solat

Okay, I’ll start with some stuff that I have been doing at school. Starting from Kem Bestari Solat. Well, for this camp, I was one of the FCs and was asked to facilitate Year 3 students for this camp. I had to make sure that they know how to perform solat, memorize all the doas, master all the three rukuns (qobli, fi’li and qolbi) and etc. To be honest, there were things that I didn’t know at all during the camp especially all those ‘bacaan2 sunat ketika sembahyang’. So, listening to them reciting all those ‘bacaan2 sunat’ when they were doing the ‘amali solat’, I was like.. ‘Err… Why didn’t I know that??’ Quite malu sebenarnyer.. Hee..

Here are the pics.


Kem Bestari Solat -this is my groupies.. haha. tgh dok sebok hafal doa2-


Kem Bestari Solat -Hafal rukun wuduk ke? Hehe-

Kem Bestari Solat -budak2 tgh tgu turn ujian amek air smayang-

Kem Bestari Solat -The confidence! haha. Ni tgh uji ni..-


Kem Bestari Solat, Amali Solat -Year 1 until Year 4-


Maulidur Rasul CELEBRATION

I was chosen as the MC for that event. This was the second time I was asked to host school event. I kinda like being the MC. It’s cool! Hehe.. For school level, I think it’s the most glamorous job ever! Time tu la I want to show off my new heels, my new scarf, my new baju kurung.. etc! Kehkeh..

Majlis bermula ngn perarakan dri tapak assembly smpi kat kedai runcit tepi skolah then patah balik. haha

Let's begin this!

My Year 6 girls...

The little ones (pre-school kids) also joined the perarakan.

The view from the stage in the school hall.

Emy Winchester Abdul Malik

Haha. Nervous la kunun...


Prayer Recital by Ustaz Razak

Nasyid Performance by Year 3 students.. Hehe.. Suara Irfan mang besh!

Tuan Penceramah ni my dad's ex-student rupenye...-

Quiz winners dapat hadiah.. Hehe


Netball Competition

Nothing much to say about this because it happened few weeks ago so, it’s ‘basi’ already. Erm.. They didn’t manage to get to the semi because.. Well, because they lost to another school, SK Seri Makmur. SK Seri Makmur has been well-known for being really good at netball, since I was in primary school. My friends dulu selalu merungut kalo men netball, same group ngn skola tu. Mang x sempat masuk semi, dah disqualified.

Our players were the ones in yellow bips.

My Year 6 girls.. Penat2 main netball pon, still dtg English night class.. Hehe..


Blacky Winchester

Nokia E63 (Black) Blacky Winchester

Well, the story began like this. My Bitchy Winchester buat hal dah lame dah. It was the keypad problem. Well, maybe because I frequently, accidentally dropped it on the floor, so something must had happened that made the keypad didn’t function well. Fed-up, frustrated, that evening, I drove to the town and straight away bought a new phone. Well, it’s not my dream phone, but it has all the stuff I need. So, I’m happy! 😀

Owh, Mr.Gonzales also bought a new phone. It is Nokia E72, the latest version of my model. Well, biasalah dier tu.. Tamau kalah. And, dah dia punyer lgi mahal, of course la dier punyer lagi cool. :-p

Nokia Black (E72) Mr.Gonzales' new phone.



My new kitten! O'MELY!!

…aka O-Mei!!! You guys know that I lost my cat (Jambul) right..? Well, guess what had happened to him?? My stupid neighbour trapped him with I-Dun-Know-What, and then the next morning, he brought my kitten away from our neighborhood and dumped him there. STUPID OLD MAN!!! I was really really really mad at him! I AM STILL MAD!! How dare he did that? I mean, how could he?? It WAS OUR cat!! Okay, maybe he accidentally did that coz he didn’t know that it was our cat, but who cares? He was responsible for whatever happened to my Jambul. If it died somewhere, that stupid cruel monster is to be blamed!

Well, that’s the end of Jambul story. Phew… Take a breath! Hm.. people say, patah tumbuh hilang berganti. So, di pendekkan cerita, few weeks ago, my friend Wana gave me a very cute kitten. She said she had too many kittens already, so she gave one to me.

He's the same colour with the one on the computer (my blog). haha

Just now, I actually brought him to Sg.Besar with me. I placed her on the seat beside me. But as I reversed, he quickly jumped onto my lap. Haha..

He's afraid of the sound of the car engine.. haha

Still afraid.. Actually, at this time, it was raining. So, he was also afraid of the rain and the thunder.. Cute!

Okay… I think I shall stop here… There are few more stories to tell especially my holiday in Muar (experience kena suruh masak ngn bakal mak mentua!!) and QUT Alumni, but I guess, those will be in Part 2 for this Catchin-Up entry!


Bubbye for now!!



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