This Week, I Was… This Week, I Still…

(background music : The Art of Love by Guy Sebastian and Jordin Sparks, Calling You by Kat DeLuna, Naturally by Selena Gomez, Evacuate the Dance Floor by Cascada, Crushcrushcrush by Paramore and Don’t Let Me Stop You by Kelly Carkson)

I rarely do this, but this time, I’m gonna do it. Writing in point form!

  • This week, I slapped two students (but not too hard). It was more like ‘tepuk’ but kat pipi diorg lah.. They were fighting, almost punching each other when I was teaching right in front of them. I.Was.Just.So.Mad! I did extra class for them, and they just main-main.. How could I not be mad?? After few warnings beforehand, they still fought, there you go. PANG! PANG! I felt sorry for both of them, but they asked for it.
  • I found my Lipice that I’ve been madly, grumpily searching for more than 2 weeks. It was in my bag. Oopps!
  • This week, I easily lost my temper especially in class. That explains no.1 up there.
  • This week, I also easily get angry and a lil bit annoyed with Mr.Gonzales especially when I have to repeat what I said when I was talking to him, when he misheard what I said on the phone, and every time he said ‘i ade hal la b…’ I was annoyed.. But yang, thanks for understanding.. You’re so special. I don’t think other men can put up with this difficult-emotional me like you can.. You even crack your silly jokes to make me laugh! Hihi.. Nways, I’ll try to remember what you said, ‘Hal sekolah jgn bawak balik rumah..’
  • This week, I still couldn’t find my cat. I went to that kebun many times now, to find him. I even peeked at people’s front yards (and got few weird looks from them.. maybe I was being too suspicious) to see if Jambul was there, but nada… Huhu… I love him soo much. I hope, he’s doing well out there.. God, please take care of my cat until You let me find him..
  • This week, I have decided which car to buy. Thanks to Abang Man (bro in law). He said he could get me staff price if I wanna buy car from any of these companies, Proton, Hyundai, Honda, Perodua and Nazakia. *big grin!!*


  • This week, I have also decided when to get married ( I mean, WE have decided… haha).

K… Mum just made me some toasts and hot milo. Nyum nyum!

p/s- It’s not really a point-form piece right.. Still there are lots of words in each point. I might as well just write normally. Duh!


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