Turn Back For A Sec

I can’t sleep. So, I surfed the net and suddenly I felt like reading back my old blog (friendster blog). Most of the entries in that blog are about my life in Aussie and all things that had happened there (February 2007 until July 2008) before I started this WordPress blog in August 2008. And reading back all those entries, I smiled myself. I remembered exactly what I did everyday, my classes, my vacations, both sweet and bad experiences.. and also.. my friendship with Mr.Gonzales.

When I read those entries, I noticed that I have mentioned his names several times in my nonsense writing. Hahaha.
We were really best friends, then.

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE. Those were the things that I wanted to do, but I couldn't. This entry was written when I was really bored in unilodge. Haha.

We both really liked to talk about football, sometimes over the phone, through YM, or even time lepak2 kat Abra Kebab tgh2 malam. Hahaha. But really, all we talked about was football. At that time I just knew he played football when he was in primary school and MRSM, so, we shared stories (but I didn’t play football, I just listened to his stories. haha). Funny thing, we also told each other that we wanted our kids to be footballers. And both were like, ‘weih, same la ngn aku! aku pon nk anak aku jdi footballer siot.’


CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE. Suke pikir mcm2.. Haha. Dulu la.. Haha. And I told Mr.Gonzales about this, so that was what his respond.

Okay, this entry was actually dedicated to Ponnie. Coz she used to be mad at me coz I always always asked her questions, bout every single thing, every time, every day. Sampai dia literally pening kepala nk jawab. Haha. Some of the questions, were soo out of questions.

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE. He was my hero, even though he wasn't there. Haha.

This incident happened when I was watching football game with Ponnie at some cafe ke ape tah.. We were out that night. The game was between Liverpool and.. I cant remember which club. And we were disturbed by these two ongputih. So, that was how I escaped myself from that drunken shit man. And it worked. Haha

Few years ago, he was my best friend.
And now, Ewan (Mr.Gonzaless) IS still my best friend.
And it gets better!
Coz now I’m in love with him!

Background Music : Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat


5 thoughts on “Turn Back For A Sec

  1. mr. gonzales says:

    weh mie btol r.. aku igt sebijik-sebijk ko tulis..haha..mase ko ngan ponie tgk bola,then kene kaco ngan org mabuk2…ko bilang ko text “bf” ko kat pakcik yang saiko tu..well time tu kembang sket dapat jd “bf” ko..haha..lawak siot..kan da jadi bf btol2..padan muke aku…tapi ni lg best sbb da jadi bf btol..hkahka…wendu gak mase lepak ngan ko kat pancake manor n abra kebab..kalo aku melawak yang membengang kan ko,sah2 kene debik dgn ko..dier punye sakit bley tahan r…tapi sebab ko payung aku kan, kire berbaloi r sakit tu..haha..plus dapat spent time ngan ko (blush)hikhik..tpi tu cite dulu kan b..walopon skang kite tak cite sgt pasal bola, kite cite pasal sumting yg lg best kan b??hihihi..contohnya cakap “i LOVE u!!”hihi…n hell yeah..I really love you so much to miss yang byk tanye n perasan dier budak kecik lg…hihi 😉

    • emywinchester says:

      hahaha. dulu tu, keje ko asek mintak belanje jer. esaimen ko bagus, aku kena belanje. tu takper lgi. ni kalo esaiment aku yg bagus pon, aku gak yang kena belanje ko. maen tipu btol! ayat manis je. x bleh bla. seb baek awal2 tu aku kaye sket. hahahaha. first time ko call bilik aku, citer psl big brother kat channel 10. hahaha. dah tu tetiber ajak gie abra kebab mintak belanje kebab mlm tu gak. giler btol. haha.

      paling xbleh lupe time ko temankan aku gie winter shopping kat city beach time aku nk gie sydney. haha. lawak btol. winter coat yg ko suggest sume aku x suke. aku nk yg ade hoody ngn tali gak. last2 jumper. ko ckp, ‘nah ambik. ade hoody, ade tali. puas ati ko.’ haha. bape jam tah dlm tu.

      tu awal2 r. before gado. ooooppps! hahahahhahahhaa. seb baek gado. kalo x gado, x couple kot. hahaha. love you tooo mr. mulut manis yg perasan diri tu raul! haha

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