The Hardest Thing To Do In Blogging Is To Write The Title!

Today, is the first day of school after Chinese New Year break. Well, on Wednesday, I don’t have many classes, just English for pre-school and also ICTL for Year 4. Owh, I also got relief today (Music) for Year 1. But I just asked them to practice writing A,B, C. To keep them busy. Haha. Then, I entered pre-school class. Today, they learnt about simple phrases such as, ‘red apple’, ‘blue ball’, ‘green shirt’ and ‘yellow pencil’. Those were the only phrases I taught them for today. Tu pon x cukup mase. And as I said in my Facebook, today I made one student cried. His name is Adam. He’s cute but he’s also the naughtiest. Today, he kept chit-chatting with Haziq bout only-God-knows-what and I had no choice but asking him to sit beside Ulfa, to keep him quiet. I was angry, really. Long story short, he cried. Well, at that time, I just didn’t care. He’s only a child, I know, but he’s also been the toughest one for me. So, I have to be strict with him, to make him listen.

Next, ICTL class (Year 4). I taught them how to insert data in a table in Microsoft Word. Hmm… Nothing interesting.

When I got back, I found my cat still missing. My mom said, she tried to search for him outside, but he was nowhere to be found. I was worried. Hell, I AM worried! He is my favourite cat! The best! He’s funny, smart and cute! I love him so much! Huhu..  He slept outside every night. And usually every morning, he always waited for someone to open the door and and whoever did, he would run into the house, went to his usual spot, and continued sleeping. But this morning, he didn’t show up. And till now… I haven’t heard his ‘meow’ yet…. Hu… Where are you, love??

My lovely cat.. Jambul... with his favourite toy..

Before I stop, I wanna share something. Just now, my mom showed me something and asked if I still wanted it. I looked at the thing at her hand. WHOA!! My keychain!! My Extreme keychain!!! When I was in high school, I loved this EXTREME label coz at that time I thought it was so cool. Coz.. Yeah, you know.. EXTREME was mostly used by skateboarders right so, I felt like, I was as cool as the skateboarders. Haha. S.I.L.L.Y!! By the way, I thought I lost it! I love it coz it’s my initial! E! Actually, this keychain was given by my friend when I was in Form 4 (I used to admire him! hahahahhahah). And it is all history since I’ve already met my real man now, is that right Mr.Gonzales?? Hehe. But I do love the keychain tho.

E for EMY!! Hehe

Okay! Busy day tomorrow! Gotta go!

p/s- And plzzzz pray for my cat!! Huhuhu..


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