My Next Brown Heaven.. Hehe

This entry is especially dedicated to these two persons who are very dear to my heart, a girlfriend (Salina) and a boyfriend (Mr.Gonzales).

When I was in Brisbane, Salina and I, we always shared ideas, talked about how are we going to decorate our future houses. We reaaally enjoyed talking about this. In fact, we used to google pictures of bedrooms, living halls and etc on the Internet and saved them in the computer. Then, we showed each others’ pictures and talked about it again. Haha. Babe, i miss those moments!

Well, isn’t it obvious enough?? I’m gonna share all of this with him (I.Allah.. 🙂 ), so he should be aware of some of my ideas for the future house. Hahahaha

The other day, I collected more pictures of living hall, bedrooms, kitchens and stuff and today, I want to introduce you, My Dream House!!

Living Hall

A flat-screen tv, a couch, and a table, a carpet.. That should be enough for a living hall..

But instead of white couch, white table and white tv cabinet, I’ll choose something darker, like dark brown.

Something like this! Perfect!! 🙂

Actually, white is okay too. But susah la nnti, kotor2 senang nampak..


Ha... I like this! The most important thing, must have bar stools at the kitchen.

What’s with the bar stools?? Xder apa.. I think it looks cool. That’s all. Haha.

This one is okay too.. I like it!


Dark brown themed..

One important rule for the bedroom, the bed MUST be in the middle. I don’t like it to be placed close to the wall. I call it ‘berat sebelah’. And it must have two bedside tables, one on the left, and one on the right. Like the picture above. Those are the basic rules. Hihi

Then, there is 'that thing' at the edge of the bed. That white thing. What do you call that thing huh? Haha. That one is optional tho.

Reading corner, this one also optional. Only if there is extra space in the bedroom la.. Haha

Another thing, TV, is also optional. But it would be great if I have one in the bedroom. But if not, it’s still okay. For the wardrobe, I once told Mr.Gonzales that I want a wardrobe which I can walk in it. Haha.

But if it's too impossible to find, this one is okay too..

Or this one.. 🙂

Bathroom / Shower

I can’t really be demanding for this part. It’s not like I can put furniture sesuka ati kat dalam ni kan.. Lots of things to be considered. Plus, bukan aku yang bertukang buat semua ni nnti.. But if I’ll be given a chance to renovate and decorate my own bathroom / shower, I want it to look like this. Well, yang realistic sket la kan.. Haha

This one, with bathtub.. But, quite sempit..

This one also with bathtub, and it's bigger compared to previous picture.

This one, without bathtub. I like this one too! Save-space bathroom. Haha

And if possible, I want it to be brown/ dark brown themed as well. Including the toilet bowl, the sink, and also the shower. Hehe. Demand pulak!

This colour.. I love it!

Wall Colour

Let’s talk about the colour of the wall. I want a bright colour on the wall so it won’t be too dark inside the house. I think cream yellow colour is just fine. Maybe with some dark brown wallpaper border. Hehe. Well, I might change my mind. This is only what I think, for now.

Spring Cream Yellow.. Haha


I don’t like marble floor, cement floor, or ceramic floor (except for bathroom) and etc. I want wooden floor. I always like wooden floor. No cracked heels. 🙂

Like this..

Or even just like this..

So you see, the main colour here from living hall until the floor part is mostly brown/ dark brown. For me, in terms of clothing, brown colour is a big big yuccckkiiie, but for house, I think it’s perfect! My sis always said, brown especially dark brown symbolizes luxury. Well, that’s what her filthy rich friends in Jakarta taught her when she lived there (and she kept preaching that to me especially when I said I hated my fucking brown baju raya, last year). In most terms, except clothes, I have to agree. Brown is an exclusive colour. 🙂

Okay. That’s it for now. Owh, btw, tell me what you think about this, especially you Salina and Mr.Gonzales. But others’ opinions are welcomed too. Haha. Macam hape je..

Now, bubbye!

p/s – this entry is just for FUN! 🙂


4 thoughts on “My Next Brown Heaven.. Hehe

  1. mr. gonzales says:

    aiyooo sayang( high culture sungguh awekku ni)!!! mcm i kene quit jdi cikgu la..haha..jd footballer ( professional )..haha…i try my best to fulfill your dreams.. ;p

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