I Believe…. Seriously!!!

This is my third entry of the day!!

Hahaa. Not that I was too bored, I actually was looking for verb songs in Youtube for my action research purpose. Then, I remembered that I’ve bookmarked one of the verb songs months ago. So when I clicked on the ‘Favourite’ tab and viewed all, I accidentally saw all these Channel 10 promo videos that I’ve bookmarked when I was in Aussie! Tetibe rinddduuuuu sgt time kat sana.

I watched all of them, and I could imagine myself eating dinner on my bed while watching TV like I used to do when I was there. All these promos are my favourite commercial breaks!! And their quotations were based on their own characters, for example, Agent Gibbs from NCIS, Dean and Sam from Supernatural, Agent Don and and his brother Charlie Epps from Numb3rs and Dr.Chase from House and etc. I used to memorize all of their quotations you know. Haha. All funny, brilliant quotations!

Just wanna share them with you!

… there’s no better place to be.

Owh.. I miss AUSSIE!!!

-K, had my 10 minutes. Now, back to work!-


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