When The Blue Night Is Over My Face…

Hey people. Tonight, I’m an owl. Again. So, what are we going to talk about tonight? About school?? School’s just okay. Been busy, but it’s still okay. I’ve been assigned to conduct an action research for English Board for my school. So, right now, I’m in the process of writing out the proposal of my action research which needs to be submitted to PPD by 24th Feb 2010. It’s supposed to be a team research. But I don’t have any idea why am I doing it alone (or maybe I do?! ). Damn!

This week is the toughest week (mentally and physically) for me. I had few emotional break-downs. I was soo stressed and I was sooo tired all the time. It was like I hadn’t had enough rest the week before. Glad it’s over and now I’m enjoying the holiday…

…except for… Just now I had a World War 3 with my mom. I wanted to say that I’m tired of mom still treating me like a little kid. But then, I thought maybe I was the one who kept acting like a little kid at the first place and left her no choice but treating me like a little kid too. It started from this line, ‘Kejap’. Lagi 5 minit’. Then, mom’s voice suddenly went off, and she nagged and nagged and nagged and never stopped! How was I supposed to bear with it? So, there you go, WW3. And due to that, I still haven’t had my dinner. Merajuk?? Yeah. Maybe.

Okay, that’s all for now. Off to bed. I actually can’t sleep because I’m not sleepy yet ( and a little bit hungry… ūüė¶ ), but I’ll try my best. Like what Mr.Gonzales always said whenever I couldn’t sleep, ‘switch off the light, close your eyes, and think nothing’. Owh, maybe few songs in my mp4 will help me with that.

Nite2 everyone.


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