Another Another Another Winchester!!!

Is Nokia n97 MINI any good?? It’s smaller than n97 for sure. Haha. It’s not that I’m reeeaaalllly2 crazy about it, it’s just that my sis wants to sell the phone and she offers me good price. Plus, I’ve been using my SE phone for more than a year (Shhh… I actually cant use the same phone for over a year, so I’m quite amazed that now I’m still using my Pinky Winchester).

Well, back to NK n97 Mini, my sis only used it for 2 months or maybe less than 2 months, I’m not sure. Here’s the story. My bro in law was given iPhone by some company as I dunno, souvenir maybe, and since he’s already have a BBerry, he gave the iPhone to my sis. My sis didn’t really know how to operate the thing, so she didn’t want it. They brought the iPhone to a handphone store, and they traded the phone with Nokia n97 mini and got RM400 cash back.

And now, my sis wants a BBerry, so she wanted to sell the phone to me. Well, only if I wanted it. Since I’m doing some saving here for my becoming big day next year (I.Allah…. Plz pray for us.. 🙂 ), I think I want to give it a try.

What do you guys think?? Any other better suggestions??


9 thoughts on “Another Another Another Winchester!!!

  1. jannah says:

    wow, sgt cool eh dat phone 🙂 go go go emy

    but for me, jan prefer bb lg. u know, skrg ni im dying for BB. i think that telefon 2 lapis ni (my current one) is not to my liking.

    but anyway, this one is cool. go for it!

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