Many Happy Returns Of The Day

Even though it is a bit late, I still wanna post a birthday entry for my SYG. I had already told some of you in Facebook how surprised he was when I was wishing his happy birthday. I asked him, Tau tak apesal I called?’ And then he said, Ha.. tu la I pelik. U insist nk call jugak. Kot2 la ade hal penting..’ I seriously thought he was playing game with me. Tau tpi buat2 tak tau.

Then he asked, U nk tanyer pasal keta ker?’ (before that I gave him the list of cars that I’ve been planning to buy, so we discussed a lil bit bout it since he knows stuff about cars). I said, ‘Eh, x la… Erm, iyer jugak.. Pasal keta. Tpi ade hal lain lagi…’ Time ni dah start pelik giler.. Die mang btol2 x ingt ke? We were playing ‘tarik tali’ for few minutes, until I was sure that he didn’t remember, I finally said, ‘Sok kan birthday you, I nk wish u birthday la…’ There was silence for few seconds before he asked, ‘Hari ni bape hb??’ And I said, ‘Dah kul 12 dah. Dah 31st la… Bukan birthday u ke?’ Malu gak kalo I was the one yang tersilap. Haha. Then he laughed. ‘Ya Allah b… I serious x ingt! Birthday i ek?? I x ingt langsung b.. bla bla bla’.

After wishing him birthday and ber’sweeet2′ sekejap (haha!), I asked him again. ‘Eh yang, serious u x ingt langsung ke?’ And he answered, ‘Haah. U tau I dari tadi pikir psl game Madrid mlm ni jer. Tu je I ingt. I x ingt psl birthday I pon’. Yeah.. Well… I thought he was gonna say, ‘I ingt psl u jer.. X ingt birthday I pon..’ Rupernye ingt bola. But that’s okay. As long as x ingt pompuan lain. Hahhaha.

Nways, I dunno when am I going to celebrate his birthday.. Hmm.. maybe we’ll celebrate his birthday and probably Valentine together at once?? I dunno. Haih… I wish we aren’t this far from each other..

Err.. Mr.Gonzales is the one in blue, okay? Not that Aborigine uncle tu tau.. Haha

I am wishing you another year,
Of laughter, joy and fun,
Good surprises, LOVE and happiness..

I hope you know,
As your birthdays come and go, How much you mean to me, more than you can know..

-i love you-



8 thoughts on “Many Happy Returns Of The Day

  1. mr gonzales says:

    i still gelak sorang2, whenever i igt time u call..i kat kedai makan, hang out with my fren..until la u made suprise of me..hehe..sweet..thanks dear…nanti celebrate my besday k???haha..luv u!!!

  2. salina says:

    aaih..i suke nyebok time u ber-lovey dovey but ni nk gtau gak..i suke ni:

    I thought he was gonna say, ‘I ingt psl u jer.. X ingt birthday I pon..’

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