Well, That’s The School.. :-)

Hey there.. Yeah, I know. It’s been a while…. But what to do… I was busy with work. Esp now I’m still holding a title as new teacher, so just imagine the workload that has been given to me. But sekarang, almost hal2 penting sekolah dah setel. So, bleh rilek jap. I’m really looking forward to this weekend. Despite the busyness, I’m still grateful with my life here. Even though work sucks sometimes, but at least, this is my place, my hometown. So, whatever happens, I’m not alone. When I’m busy at night, mom will always help me ironing my clothes. Sometimes, she makes me late supper too. Toast and hot milo. Heaven! Owh, the greatest thing is, I dont have to worry about my laundry. 😀

I’m intending to write about my school today. School’s okay for me so far, apart from the workload. Even though sometimes I’m sooo stressed, but I’m learning new things. Well, I didnt know that my school is one of Top 4 in my district based on the UPSR result last year with overall percentage, 85.7%, if I’m not mistaken (mind you, my school is in kategori luar bandar, okay…?). So, it is quite a good school actually. There are 19 teachers including altogether, and 167 students including pre-school students. Yeah, it’s a small school. Less problem, but more work for teachers. Me myself, I hold more than 10 posts in the school. But the most important ones are, English Head Department and Pen.Setiausaha Kurikulum. I’m taking it very slowly right now and so far, no major problems.

And I think now my bonding with the senior teachers at the school is just getting better everyday. I’m more comfortable now with almost everyone at the school. On my first day, I didnt really like the school. The reason is, EVERYONE (by everyone, i mean really EVERYONE!) AT THE SCHOOL KNOWS WHO MY DAD IS. ‘Owh.. Ni anak Ustaz Malik ye..?‘, ‘Ni anak Tok Sidang ni…’. ‘Eh, kamu anak Ustaz Malik ye? Anak Ketua Kampung?’, ‘La.. Anak Ustaz Malik rupenyer.. Bekas pengetua tu kan…’ Bla bla bla.. I smiled. Sometimes I rolled my eyes. I still remembered when I first met the headmaster, he asked my name. And I didn’t mention my dad’s name, I just mentioned my name and where I live, then he spontaneously said, ‘Anak Ustaz Malik ye..??‘ He said I looked like my dad, a bit. Huh! I thought I was after my mom! But the point is, I didn’t like it! I felt like being anak ustaz, I have to behave all the time. But hellooo… U guys know what I am really like right?? I’m nothing like ustazah or whatsoever. But that was few weeks ago. Now, I dont mind anymore. I guess I’m just used to it.

One more. Also, on my first day at the school, the first person that I met was Cikgu Rosnah /Kak Ros. She’s my friend’s sister. The moment she saw me walking to the office, she was like, ‘Eh, Mimi!!’ And I was stunned for a sec! I forgot that now I’ll be working in my hometown, and everyone at my hometown calls me Mimi. So.. what?? No more Emy after this? But I guess, the name Emy will always be mine. Coz later at the school, I was informed that there is one English teacher in that school named, Puan Hasmimi. And they call her Kak Mimi/ Teacher Mimi. So, I can’t use the same name, can I? Stick with Teacher Emy, then. Hahaha.

Okay! Let’s talk about other things. If there is a problem at the school, maybe dealing with the students is my problem. But that has always been my problem even when I was practicum in PJ, so nothing new. But hey, I think my naughty students today behaved so well. They participated, very enthusiastic to finish the work that I gave them, and to my surprise, they actually knew a lot! Well, a little bit of encouragement, that’s all they need. Did I mention, yesterday I hit my students at their back using the spine of the textbook? Yeah, I did that! I was soo mad, coz they were talking when I was explaining about their English test. Plus, I wasn’t really well yesterday. I had a headache. So when they behaved like that, they just asked for it. One of them was mad at me I think. But I use my psychology power to console him, asked him to help me bring my stuff to the staffroom, and asked him to think why did I hit him. He knew it was his fault. Then, I asked, ‘Sakit tak teacher pukul tadi?’ . He looked like he wanted to say something, but then he looked away and trying to hold his laugh. I quickly said, ‘Kalo sakit, teacher mintak maaf tau. Tpi ingt, awak pon salah jugak. Sbb awak main2‘. Then, he smiled… Haha. Settled!

Overall, I kinda like the school. Even though sometimes I was soo pening with the GPK, but so are the other teachers. So, what do you do when you are in the same boat with your colleagues? You gossip about it. NOT about him, but about the things that make you pening. Then, laugh bout it. I’ve never known that the senior teachers at my school are funny.

Well, speaking bout funny, there was this funny thing, yesterday. One of the senior teachers at the school, Kak Yah asked me something… erm.. funny. She said, ‘Ni ade orang nk tau.. Emy ni dah ade yang berpunye ke belom??’ I wanted to laugh. ‘Hm..?? Erm.. Dah ade dah kak..’. And she said, ‘Owh.. Dah ade ke..?? Takpela macam tu.. Akak ni nk menyampaikan hajat org je.. Ade orang bertanye..’. Huh??? Seriously, this is funny. ‘Sape yang tanyer?’. Kak Yah said, ‘Eh, takbleh la bgtau.. Emy dah bertunang ye?‘. ‘Haa..?? X la.. Belum lagi..’. ‘And to my surprise, she said, ‘Ha.. Kalo belum tunang, belum la berpunye maknenyer!‘. OMG! ‘Eh. Mang la blom bertunang, tpi dah x lame la ni.. Tgk la tahun depan ke…’. And then after that, berlaku la sessi interview.. They all asked me who my boyfriend is, blajar same2 ke… Bla bla bla… And I love that they know that now I’m with someone. So, no more ‘menyampaikan hajat’. Hahaha. Owh, I also love the fact that they know now, bakal menantu Ustaz Malik orang Johor. Hahahahhahahahhaha.

I dunno what else to write.. This is all soo merepek sebenarnyer.. Hahah. K la.. Babai!


9 thoughts on “Well, That’s The School.. :-)

  1. salina says:

    babe, ade one part i xsuke kat entry ni…yg ni..

    “When I’m busy at night, mom will always help me ironing my clothes. Sometimes, she makes me late supper too. Toast and hot milo. Heaven! Owh, the greatest thing is, I dont have to worry about my laundry.”

    grrr. yg plg i xsuke is the smiley after the word laundry!!!

    how could u baby???????how???how?????

    hahahahhahahhahahhaa. u go girl!!!

    • emywinchester says:

      that’s the part i nk jeleskan u sebenarnyer. haha. sometimes she also iron my tudung. i buat2 la byk kerja, nk mark books, so she helps me la with the other stuff. my mom siap kutip laundry i yg sepah2 bile pagi2. coz i kan selalu lmbat pagi2, so kelam kabut sket. hahahahaha.

      sayang, u know i didnt ask for this.. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!)

      hope u’re okay over there.. YUKHIN!! is the name after someone? nways, new blog, huh? primaryschoolteacher! keep updating it!

  2. mr gonzales says:

    it has been a while since the last time i visit ur blog..da byk update..ade cite pasal i gak..hihihi..sume bz kan??takpe..u hold on n b tough ye b…i know u can..soon u’ll b fine..hihihi..luv u!

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