Like An Owl…

whoa! isn’t this spooky???

School was hectic as usual. This meeting, that meeting, siapkan tu, siapkan ni… Bla bla bla.. I was physically and mentally exhausted. I went home, had lunch and then drove to Teluk Intan to settle few things there. Then, when I reached home, showered, spent almost one hour in the bathroom. When I got out, it was already Maghrib. I prayed, then lay down on the ‘sejadah’, the next thing I knew, it was already 10pm. I reached my phone, texted Mr.Gonzales.. I was still mamai, and I think I continued sleeping for another half an hour.

Feeling hungry, I got up and went to kitchen to eat my dinner that mom left on the meal table (special hot dog that she bought at the night market). I ate that while watching television. While texting Mr.Gonzales. He was ‘merajuk’. Cos we less communicated today. He was busy, so I was. When I was asleep just now, he was awake. Now, (after midnight) he is sleeping like normal people are and I am awake. WIDE awake. Like an owl…

I cant sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Coz I slept too much. It’s almost 4 now, and I’m bored. I used to text him when whenever I couldn’t sleep. But I dont wanna do it now. He needs to wake up early tomorrow coz he has a meeting at school. Hm, I wanted to merajuk actually at the fact that now he is sedap tido and I’m terkulat2 here ke’boring’an.. But atas alasan ape? Bukan die saje2 nk tido, die mang kena bgn awal sok. Eish! X best btol biler nk merajuk tpi xder alasan yg kukuh ni.. Haha! Normal la kan jdi attention-seeker kat bf sndiri especially bile dah lame x jumper… (pst! cepatla chinese new year!!!).

Ayah dh bangun.. He gave me weird look coz I’m still at the hall facing my laptop with my body wrapped in my blanket. He didn’t say anything tho. Almost subuh. I’m starting to feel a bit sleepy… But if tido now, subuh mesti liat nk bgn. Owh, xper. Suara ayah ade. Suara ayah bile kejut aku subuh mang scary.. Dulu kecik2 biler aku bgn subuh ngn perasaan terkejut (after kena jerkah sbb tanak bgn), mesti aku jalan gi bilik air hentak2 kaki. Pastu lame dok kat bilik air smpi dh nk kul 7 bru kua. Bukan aku tertido pon dalam bilik air tu, saje je tunjuk perasaan. Rebellious. Haha. Aku dulu2 mang suke wat perangai. Sampai skang gak kot. Bese la.. Attention-seeker ngn org2 tersayang kat keliling aku. Haha

K,la! Aku dh start merapu. This means, I’m really getting soo sleepy now. Nk tido dah. Dah lebih kul 4 pon. Hua9. Babababai!


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