Blabbering.. Blah Blah Blah! (shut up and let me go!)

That title is soooo silly! Owh yeah, I know!

(background : watching Miley Cyrus on E!)

Hey there! Last few days I was a bit busy with my family. Well, you know, hang out, shopping etc. It’s almost the end of the holiday, so gotta make a good use of it!  Had so much fun!

Went to Alamanda, Putrajaya with mom, Sis Mila, Abg Bob, KakSeha, Aneeq and Danish. Mom wanted to find a handbag, so we walked around the mall to find suitable bag for her. There was year-end sale at Parkson. But mom is very fussy. ‘Super Cerewet!’. She didn’t like most of the bags that I suggested to her. Hmm.. Taste org tua.. Tali pendek sgt la.. Besar sgt la.. Bulky sgt.. Corak die x menarik la.. I really don’t get it! Mila and I made faces every time she rejected our suggestions. Finally, she didn’t buy any bag at all. Thank God dad was not with us. If not, dad would have definitely been mad at her. Haha. But at least now I know where does my super-fussiness come from. Haha

Ni la org tua yg cerewet tu.. Yg pki tdg oren tu.. Haha

The next day, went to SACC with the same objective, finding mom’s handbag. This time, the shopping trip terdiri daripada KakEda, Mila, Wawa, mom and I (Yeah! All ladies!). At the ground floor, there was this crazy sale, 50-70% off! Shoes, bags and wallets. We were all crazy! Mom finally found what she wanted, a brown Bonia handbag with flower-patterned around it (yeah, that bag is for ‘orang tua’, I guess). KakEda and Mila bought cute shoes and I bought…. Nothing. Yeah, so sad. Actually, I wanted this cream bag which had colourful pattern around the zippers but sadly I didn’t bring enough money. Huhu.. And mom wouldn’t let me borrow her money coz she said, ‘Hutang lame pon ko x abes byr lgi..’ Adus mak ni… Huhu… So, I didn’t buy that bag. Which is sooo sad.

Then, we went across the mall to Kompleks PKNS. Mila wanted to buy scarfs. I was not really in the mood coz I didn’t get the bag. So, I just walked slowly following them from behind. She had already bought two scarfs and still considering to buy more. Then, I decided to buy few scarfs and shawls, just for the sake of buying something. Afterall, I’m gonna be teaching soon. I need more scarfs.. (as well as more baju kurungs, more shoes, more bags….). Huhu…

I looked, I picked, I paid. I dunno if it's cute. :-p

Planning to wear this on the first day to school.. But.. Dunno la.. Let's see..

The next day, we went to Jusco Bukit Raja. I still wanted a bag. But then, I added more, I wanted a new tshirt, a new dress, a new pair of jeans and a new pair of shoes! Haih.. This is sooo sad and very hurt. Go shopping with not enough money in the pocket. Mom bought new watch. I chose it for her. Very cute! Then, when mom was happy getting new watch, I asked her to buy me the cute dress that I’ve been spying since she was at the watch counter. Maybe because she was in a good mood, so she bought me the dress. Soooooooooo cute and mom, thank you very much!

So flowery.. So cute!

Haha! Not with that tshirt, jeans and sandals of course.. I was lazy to take them off, So I just wore the dress straight away. Haha

So, enough bout the outings. Now, let’s talk about my posting. I asked Mr.Gonzales to check on my posting at the JPNS website. He told me that I got SK Tebok Jawa, Sabak Bernam (before that he pranked me by saying that I got a school in Gombak. Kurang asam! Mom said I looked like I nearly cried!). So, I got a school in hometown. It’s only less than five-minute drive from home. I already called the school to inform them that I will be posted there. I spoke to the GPK 1, and he was really nice and very welcoming. So, that made me less nervous. Hehe. Hope, everything’s okay.. 🙂

My posting details..

SK Tebok Jawa, Sabak Bernam

Interesting trivia. Mr.Gonzales will be teaching in SK Parit Pechah, Muar, but the name of the place is Parit Jawa. And my school name is SK Tebok Jawa. Funny that we both are sent to places that have Javanese names while we ourselves are NOT Javanese.

Well, as for me, I’m really not Javanese even though I live in Sabak Bernam. My family moved to Sabak from Petaling Jaya coz my dad was transferred to one of the schools in Sabak as a principal many years ago. And my dad himself is Malay-Mandailing, and my mom is Malay-Bugis. That makes me Mandailing Bugis. No Javaese blood at all, (expect for our in-laws). Errm… Why am I explaining this? Haha. I used to have issue with this matter, especially when I was little (primary school), my friends keep saying that ‘I’m Javanese’. I used to get reaaallly mad, and blabbering about my heritage in front of my friends. Silly me! They didn’t understand a thing. Haha.

Okayla.. Enough of all this. I wanna go get some lunch!

And to all of my friends, Happy Teaching, and to all,

Happy New Year!

p/s – New resolution?? Yeah! All bout money!


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