Again, Happy Birthday Nephew!!!

There are four birthdays in my family in December. My sis in law-Kak Seha, Danish, Ean and Aneeq. So, usually, we celebrate the birthdays of four of them together. So, this is Aneeq! His real name is Muhd Aneeq Daniel Uqail bin Muhd Asyraf. We call him, Aneeq and sometimes when he’s being naughty, we call him Abang Aneeq. Biar dier sedar diri sket. Haha. Yesterday, 27th December 2009, he was turning 8. Like Ean’s birthday, I’m posting the birthday entry a day later than the birth date. Coz I always forgot their birthdays, and usually someone will remind me in the afternoon, or evening. So, x sempat la nk post entry. Hehehehe. But still,


Aneeq, in the car.

Aneeq Is Erm…. Well, Let’s See..

He’s the eldest son of my brother (Aneeq and Danish). My brother only has two children.

Unlike Ean, I think that even though Aneeq is very rough and naughty, but he always gets bullied by his little brother, Danish. Haha. What I mean here, he is always ‘mengalah’.

He has rough voice even when he was very little, 3-4 years old. I always made fun of his rough voice by mocking whatever he said with my rough voice too. He never got mad. He did what he does the best, ‘buat tatau’. Hahahaa.

Same like Ean, he also plays Play Station (PSP) like crazy. His favourite game, Ben-10. I used to play the game, and I was quite good at it too. Hahhahahaha

He loves TOMYAM soo much!! If balik kampung, he always asked my mom to cook him tomyam. ‘Wan (‘Wan’ is what my nephews and nieces call my mom), buat tomyam.’ And my mom will make a pile of it.

Ean and Aneeq are best friends. When the two of them are together, abes la… Kalau time family outing (my bro’s and my sis’ family), memang macam2 drama la diorg berdua buat. Sampai the moms letih sgt. We used to call them ‘Kembar Siam’ coz they both memang sangat ‘melekat’ sebelum Danish (Adik Aneeq) lahir. Bile Danish dah lahir tu la jdi The Triplets pulak. Haha).

Best Cousins aka Kembar Siam (Ean and Aneeq)

The Triplets, Danish, Ean and Aneeq

Aneeq and Ean have lots of similarities. Aneeq’s afraid of furry animals too especially cats. And like Ean, Aneeq pon kalau dipukul sbb nakal, mang jarang nanges. Geram!

He always hits me. The other day, he punched me on my tummy. And spontaneously, I hit him back once, really hard (Aku pukul orang memang kuat tau! X caye tanyer Mr.Gonzales. Hahahahah). Then, still x puas hati, I hit him again, twice and thrice. But he just laughed. Ermm. Dier sakit tu. Tpi dier cover. Hahah. Pdn muke.

But despite all the things that I did to you, I still love you sooooo much!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Aneeq!
Sweet 8!



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