Happy Birthday Tikus!

This is my Tikus (rat mouse). His name is Mohd Ilhan Naquib Kamarul Zaman, lebih manja dipanggil sebagai Ean or ‘Adhek’ (It is actually Adik, tpi sbb dier slalu ngade2 nk dirinya dipanggil adik, dier buat gaya2 pelat. Memang mengade you!). Yesterday (24th December 2009), was his 6th birthday. So,


Ean, ni time raye.

Here some info about Ean.

He’s my sister’s youngest child (KakLong, KakNgah, Yas and Ean).

He’s the bully in his family. Always pick a fight with his sisters especially KakNgah, and always makes his brother Yas cry.

He hardly cries. Kalo dier nakal, pukul camane pon, mang susah nk nanges! Sampai yg memukul tu letih.

He hates to shower especially in the morning. He usually showers at 2pm (tu pon lepas sume org dah mengamuk coz dier x mandi lgi), because at 3pm, he has to go to ‘Kelas Agama (mengaji).

He loves to go to Kelas Agama. Every morning, he will ask his mom, “Umi, dah pukul 3 ke blom?”. Do you know why? Coz kelas dier tu ade air-cond. He is really a bit fussy. X suka peluh2.

He plays Play Station like crazy. He also cannot ‘berenggang’ with his PSP.

He loves to call himself, Adhek, or Tikus.We used to call him Baby T-Rex, coz he liked to scream like a dinosaur. Well, we call him that, still. Coz he still screams like that.

He’s afraid of furry animals like cats, dogs.. etc. Dari dulu smpi sekarang.

At Safari Park, Indonesia. He was afraid of that albino tiger cub. Haha

What does his family say about him?

His mother (my sis) : “Ini adalah tikus yg paling besar dalam rumah ni”, while pointing at Ean who at that time was sneaking into kitchen cabinet.

His sister (KakNgah) : “Ean, could you plz stop being like that?? You are soo gedik, do you know that?!! Menyampah!!” while staring at him who was making a face.

His granny (my mom) : “Tula… Lain kali jgn suke mengejek org.. Kan dah kena pukul.” At that time, Ean bru pas kena blasah ngn Yas, sbb Ean ejek Yas yg time tu bru pas kena marah ngn my sis. Hahahaha.

Ean’s famous quotatation

“Hey! Ini bukan Adhek la.. Ini Tikus!!” while pointing at himself.

“Kalo umi marah, Ean x takut. Sbb kalo umi marah tu, mukanyer mcm commmeeeelllll jer..” My sis nk marah pon, x jdi marah, and she said to me, “Patutla kalo aku marah jer, dier ckp, ‘YES!!’. Kurang asam btol!”

“Ean x suke manje ngn KakNgah. Sbb arie tu KakNgah x nak belanje Ean aiskrim.” responding to my question why he loves KakLong more than KakNgah.

“Ermm.. Lawa! Lawa mcm princess!” responding to my question whether I’m beautiful or not. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

Ean, at the aiport. The face that's full of tricks!

Well, proudly I say, THAT IS MY SMART NEPHEW!!!
Happy Birthday To You My Tikus!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Tikus!

  1. mr gonzales says:

    asek tergelak je bace entry ni..menarik2…haha..i like when he makes her mom angry and responding to ur question whether u r pretty or not..haha..awesome! ūüėČ

    Happy belated birthday ean!

  2. emywinchester says:

    kdg2 klo my sis dok diam2 jer, x kaco dier. then, dier yg kaco kakak i. smpi kakak i marah. biler kakak i marah, u tau dier buat ape? dier sronok giler smpi ckp, yes umi marah. umi marah! kdg2 smpi menari2 sbb suke sgt. kakak i pelik giler. pehal budak ni.. hahaha

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