Life Must Go On

I just called BPG Putrajaya this morning and got the result for my posting next year. I’LL BE POSTED TO SELANGOR!! Hehhehe.. I was quite relieved when I knew the result. Most of my friends will be posted to Johor. And I did half-expect that I would be posted to Johor too which I don’t mind, really. So, I straight away called BPG (for a million times!!), and yeah, finally they confirmed that I got Selangor, my own state! Then, I called JPN-Selangor for further details. And they asked me to call them back on 29th December to know which school I’ll be posted to. Hmm.. Selangor itself is a big state. I could be posted to anywhere. That actually makes me nervous even more. I don’t wanna teach far from my house so then I could just live here with my family. At this stage, it’s time for me to save some money. So, it’ll be great if the money for house-renting could be saved a bit for future. For my future. Hehe

I haven’t updated my blog, for quite some time. The thing is, I had to prioritize other things that suddenly popped-up that I didn’t have time to update my blog. One of the things was, on 21st December 2009, my grandma who I call ‘nenek’, Hajjah Aminah binti Abd Ghani passed away. Even though I didn’t cry at all, but surely I felt soo sad. That was the only grandparent that I had after my grandpa died when I was 14 years old. She died at my uncle’s house in Taman Medan, KL. We got the news that she would not be long on Friday. My brother and sister went back to Sabak to pick us up (coz ayah had some troubles driving at night) before straight away heading to KL that night. Mom stayed at my uncle’s house with my all other aunts, uncles and cousins whereas the rest of us ‘berulang alik’ from Shah Alam (my sister’s house). Now, since my grandma was gone, I don’t have anymore grandparent.

But not too sad.
Nek, we’ll surely meet again.

Semoga Tuhan mencucuri rahmat ke atasnya.


4 thoughts on “Life Must Go On

  1. mr bumbum says:

    takziah ye.semoga roh nenek u di cucuri rahmat! amin

    congratz gak dapat posting ke Selangor..ade hikmah sume ini 🙂

    • emywinchester says:

      hehe… u pon. congrats dpt muar. x jauh sgt dri rumah. hehe
      hopefully,i pon dpt dekat jer..
      senang sket.

      nways, what’s with the nickname? mr bumbum?? ingtkan sape la tdi.. tgk email ngn avatar tepi tu bru tau. hehe

  2. nisa says:

    emy dpt selangor? congatz ok. finally posting gk kn? kitorng ni still got one sem to go. x saba2 nk abes blaja.

    btw, takziah k 4 ur loss.

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