Salam Maal Hijrah :-)

Salam Maal Hijrah semua…

Perbaharui azam, perbaiki diri, buangkan kurangkan sikap2 negatif dalam diri, semoga hidup sentiasa diberkati oleh-Nya..


Nways, I found this on some random website. I was quite surprised looking at their conversation. They were talking bout my claymation project that I did together with Didie and Lynn when we took Digital Media unit in QUT, Brisbane, last year. Check this out!

Click for larger image

This is the link that they’re talking bout, Dean Winchester’s Room – DM Project

Two girls in hijjab‘, it is actually supposed to be three girls, Didie, Lynn and I. But Lynn didn’t wanna be in the pic because at that moment, she didn’t wear her hijjab. So that left Didie and I, only. 🙂

Haha. Xde mende nk ckp sebenaryer. Erm, Disneyland entry still x siap lgi. Saved as draft. Maybe, in two days, it will be published. Hahahah. Mcm la ade ramai sgt orang nk bace. 😛

Hm… K la…
Xder mende dah…

Cheers ~


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