Jalou By Dolce & Gabbana (SOOO STYLISH!!!)

Guy-Alert (especially the ones with ‘you ladies are easily fooled by the brand!), BEEP BEEP!
“This is only for Ladies!“-

I’m in search of a new flip phone right now. And when I was surfing the net, I accidentally (or maybe this is a sign from God to ask me to buy this! NO! Kidding!) found this.
It’s called JALOU by D&G.

Look at the colour! Awesome!

From side angle.

Forgot to mention, it's a flip phone.

Wow! Nice one! Using this famous label to attract people like me!

One of the most significant thing that makes this gorgeous phone different from any other phones is….. you can change the screen into a mirror!

The only phone that can become your compact mirror for your makeup!

There are also other colours besides rose pink, such as blue and turqoise.

Add style in your life with Jalou. 🙂

This phone makes regular people feel like a model. Haha

I haven’t checked the price yet, but I’m pretty sure the price is pretty fucked-up! Huhuhu.. So, I can just only dream this beautiful gadget in my dreamm….. 😦

Nways, you can check out the rest of the features at Sony Ericcson website, here. Look at the slideshow, they’ll explain everything.

Read what the press has said about the phone at SlashGear website, here,

And also Woman Life Style website, here..

Sometimes I wish I were Rebecca Bloomwood. You know, BUY FIRST, DEAL WITH DEBT, LATER.

p/s- If any of you have bought this, dont tell me. Coz I would be sooooooooo jealous!


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