Hong Kong!!!!! -Part 2

This is the second part of the Hong Kong trip that I went with my friends (Salina, Eqa and Nurul). The second day of this trip was quite special because we had special company, our beloved lecturer when we were in QUT Brisbane, Erika Hepple. Based on the original plan, we couldn’t meet Erika because she was supposed to go back to Brisbane on 3rd Dec, but then she changed the date to that evening so she would be able to meet us. That was very sweet!!

To begin the trip that morning, we went to the airport first to let Erika checked in her luggage because she would be going back to Brisbane that evening. Then, we took a cab to The Peak station. Erika kindly paid for the fare. Hehe. Kalo tak psl dier, takdenyer la kitorg naek cab yg mahal tu.. Hehe


Erika was checkin in her luggage. Hehe

Day 2 : Victoria Peak

To go to the upper station, we took a tram. The experience of riding this tram was like riding a roller-coaster when it slowly went up the hill. I felt like I was waiting for the tram to go upside down and speed like hell like a roller-coaster. Haha. But of course, it didn’t happen that way. 😛


The view from inside the peak tram. This is the condo area where most of the Hong Kong stars live.

From left, Eqa, Nurul, Salina, Erika and I, inside the tram

It took us about maybe 15 minutes to reach the upper station. Victoria Peak / The Peak is the place where you can see the Hong Kong city from the eye of a bird. Chewah! Haha. Visitors actually can buy the ticket to Sky Terrace (The Peak Tower), to watch the the view from the highest point. But since we didn’t buy the tickets, we just went outside The Peak building and had a walk to see the city view.


In the middle of walking, we stopped to take picture. Haha

Unfortunately, on that day the sky wasn’t so clear. If it wasn’t soooooo hazy, we would be able to see the beautiful blue sky, the skyscrapers, the hills and the greenish blue ocean. Erika told us that the haze was actually the smoke of the factories in Mainland China. And she said if the wind blew the other way, the sky would be clear and we could see the beautiful view. So, the gloomy sky wasn’t because of the winter (coz I thought it was!) but pretty much because of the air pollution from China. What a shame!


The haze... :-(

The haze... 😦

Day 2 : Madame Tussauds

Then, we went back inside the building to see Madame Tussauds Museum. It is one of the new attractions built in Hong Kong for the tourists. There are about 8 Madame Tussauds Museums around the world, and I felt so lucky that I got a chance to visit one of these wax museums in Hong Kong. I can’t remember how much we paid for the ticket, but I don’t think it was that expensive. Well, you can always check the price online if you’re interested. 🙂

We were greeted by Michelle Yeoh wax in the entrance. It was a bit surprising because she’s Malaysian. But maybe because she’s well-known in Hong Kong as well, so they made her wax to be displayed here. Then, we walked further inside and met Nicole Kidman. She looked soo real and of course, soo tall. I was just about below her shoulder. Well, I’m a girl with short legs, I admit that. Haha. Then, the most exciting part, we met Brangelina too! Angie was beautiful, but Brad was a bit ‘jambu’. But, that’s okay coz meeting them (their waxes) is not something that you can do everyday. Hehe


Brangelina and I!

Nicole Kidman.. She looks real, doesn't she?

Long story short, we met many famous people in there, dead and alive, like Johnny Depp, Pierce Brosnan, Marilyn Monroe, Anthony Hopkins, David Beckham, Ronaldinho, Michael Jackson, Obama and Bush, Shakespeare, Picasso, Einstein, as well as fictional character, Astro Boy!


Johny Depp! Haha

The royal family... 🙂

I wanted to buy souvenirs here but of course they were all so expensive. The cheapest souvenir that I found was $60, the mini mug, like sooo ‘mini’ (with that big price). I’d been saving the money for Disneyland, so I didn’t buy anything in Madame Tussauds.

Day 2 : Avenue of Stars (Again)

Well, Erika couldn’t join us for the rest of the day because she had a flight to catch that evening. After saying goodbye to Erika, we went to Avenue of Stars again because last night we didn’t get a chance to take proper pictures. Furthermore, it was still too early to go back to the hostel. Even though it wasn’t night yet, but it was already cold. Maybe sebab tempat tu kat tepi laut, so angin kuat, and that’s why la sejuk sgt petang tu. Hehe


Aaron Kwok hand print : Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong

This time, I didn’t walk much because my legs were reaaallly hurt especially my toes and around ankle. It was because of my shoes. My Mickey shoes. I chose to wear those because they looked funky. You know, it was all about appearance rather than comfort, so I had to pay for it. Huhu 😦

Day 2 : Prince Edward Market

Even though we were already tired, we still managed to go to this market. Actually the name of this market is not Prince Edward market. Prince Edward is the name of the train station where we got off to go to this market. I couldn’t remember the exact name of this market because it’s in Chinese, so I just called it Prince Edward market. Haha. We didn’t plan to go here actually. Erika suggested it to us. She said there were lots of good stuff with cheaper prices. But I think this market is not really for tourists, because they didn’t really sell Hong Kong souvenirs here. It was like night market where they sold food, clothes, handbags, toys etc and most of people who came to this market were the Hong Kong people themselves. So, if you wanna find something that has ‘Hong Kong’ on it as a souvenir, you better go to Ladies Market or Templer Street Market because those markets are really for tourists. But Erika was right. The stuff here in Prince Edward Market were soooo cheap!


At the market..

Prince Edward market was crowded yet still fun. But sadly, I didn’t really enjoy it because I was sooo sakit kaki. I couldn’t even walk properly. So, I went to find some place to sit and just waited for them finished their shopping. Huhu..

Next stop, DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!! To be continued in the next entry, HONG KONG!!!!! -Part 3



3 thoughts on “Hong Kong!!!!! -Part 2

  1. nurul says:

    hi emy, sj je aku tgk entry ko sb teringat masa kat HK. i wish we’re still on holiday kat sana. even though aku dpt gastric attack it’s really really fun.

    oh, market yg ko tak igt tu kal0 tak silap aku nama dia Fa Yuen street market.

  2. aish says:

    hi emy, i got read ur all stories in HK~ im planning to visit there end of tis yr!! so ya as u say HK is always attractive with madame n HK disneyland & Avenue of Stars ^ ^ but from ur story i more excited there have a lot of fun place to visit….hehehe but cos i will go with my chinese friend im still thinking were to find halal food to eat =.=? n can tell me more bout the hostel too??

    • emywinchester says:

      hi aish! thanks for dropping comments! well, HK is a fun place to visit for obvious reasons. i had a blast when i was there and planning to go there again, but this time with family. 😀

      well nways, we stayed in mong kok island. and there were several halal food around the city. the one that we tried was ______ i dun remember the name, but it’s turkish restaurant. mostly, the halal food restaurant owned by turkish people. so, u just have to walk around and have a look around the city, and i’m sure u’ll bump into one. that’s what we did. 😀

      the accommodation is quite okay. well, to make your trip worth going, u need to do some research and plan your trip properly, especially bout the places you wanna visit, your accommodation, the public transport, download some maps etc. bout the accommodation, i’ll leave you this link.
      it’s called Dragon Hostel, it’s in a middle of the city and very near to Mong Kok train station. very strategic for tourists. the service is good too.

      hope this helps. 😀

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