HONG KONG!!!!! -Part 1

On 2nd December until 6th December 2009, we (Salina, Eqa, Nurul and I) traveled to Hong Kong. This trip was planned in early February this year. We call this trip, ‘After Graduation Trip’. Haha. Why Hong Kong? Because, this is the nearest place that has two biggest attractions in the world, Madame Tussauds and Hong Kong Disneyland. Actually, we almost canceled this trip, due to sooo many problems that occurred along the way. KISSM course, BTN, money… etc. Only when we stopped hoping, the opportunity seemed bright again. KISSM course had been forwarded, BTN had been canceled, and we got the money! We were so excited! YEAH!

So, the journey begins here…

Departure and Arrival.

We arrived at LCCT at 11am. Eqa was already there waiting for us because she took a bus from Malacca straight to LCCT. There was some miscommunication about the place we all should meet. I was confused because when I text eqa, she said she was heading straight to LCCT, but right then I was heading to KL Sentral. So, I thought I already missed this trip. I was nervous and called Nurul and Salina. I was relieved when they told me that they were still in IPBA, waiting for cab. And they were going straight to KL Sentral, then we would go together to LCCT. Hahaha. So, I was right at the first place.

At 11.45am, the three of us arrived in LCCT. We met up with Eqa and had lunch at KFC before checking in. LCCT was really full of flies. Tgh jalan2, nmpk sekumpulan org putih tgh tidur and lalat terbang2 kat keliling diorg. Mcm mayat pulak… To be honest, that was not really the coolest thing I’ve seen. Sian diorg…

Okay, actually our flight was at 4.05pm. So, we got lots of time to kill before boarding. Since I brought Fifi with me, so Nurul and I surfed the net while Salina and Eqa went for a walk kat LCCT tu. Tah hape diorg tgk2 tah..


Nurul and I at LCCT..

Eqa and Salina.. waiting for boarding

It was 4 hours flight from KL to Hong Kong. When we arrived at Hong Kong, we were reaaaallly excited. Chap Lek Kok Airport is the best airport voted by most travelers around the world. But you know, we were not really at the main terminal. Since we traveled with AirAsia, so we arrived at Terminal 2 of the airport (it’s like LCCT in Malaysia). But still, it’s the same airport. Haha.


In HongKong already!

We took a bus and went straight to Mong Kok. It was almost one hour journey because the airport and the hostel, they were at different islands. About the temperature that night, it was more-less like Brisbane. You don’t have to wear big sweater to wrap yourself. As for me, I was just okay with double layered-tshirt that I wore that night. Even though it was winter, but it wasn’t that cold. Probably because it was still in early December.

To Mong Kok island! To Dragon Hostel!

We stayed in Dragon Hostel in Mong Kok. The room wasn’t that big, but okay for four of us. I reaaaallly like the service there. The owner was very nice, friendly and helpful. The room was okay too. Even though it was small, but we still had toilet in our own room. That was good enough. Afterall, we would be barely in that room. Gune ntok mandi and tido jer. Hehe.

Room 715. Hehe

That night, we went to Ladies Market. The main purpose going to this market was to find ourselves towels since we all forgot to bring it. Haha. I bought towel that had $1000 HK design on it. I think it was cool. Actually, it was a bit difficult to communicate with the sellers. You know, they were all Chinese and couldn’t really speak good English. I think they just used English for this business purpose. Their pattern of communicating with us was all the same. For example,


We : How much is this?
The seller : $120 (with Chinese slang, of course)
We : Can you give cheaper? (while doing the signal language)
The seller : $110 (with using calculator, in case we couldn’t understand)
We : Owh.. it’s okay then.. (it WAS still EXPENSIVE!!!)
The seller : Missy missy, how much u pay?? How much u buy??
We : No no.. That’s fine.. (started walking away)
The seller : How much u pay missy?? How much?? (started to follow us)

.Bile dah jalan jauh pon, still dgr suara diorg pgil2 kitorg. And that was how we negotiate price. If we couldn’t understand each other, we just used calculator. But then, they still asked us, ‘How much you pay missy?? How much u buy??’ It was really interesting… yet disturbing.


Ladies Market, one of the markets that you must see in Hong Kong.

Day 1 : Ocean Park

Ocean Park is located in Wong Chuk Hang and and Nam Long Shan in the Southern District of Hong Kong. It is a-must-see theme park when you are in Hong Kong.


Some info about Ocean Park : Wikipedia

Here, you’ll be able to see the whole view of Ocean Park from The Ocean Tower and scary cable cars, go on the craziest roller coasters that face the ocean, see the sea lions and dolphins, and the most important thing, you’ll get to see the giant pandas (they were huge, but cute!!).

It was quite a cold morning. So, I decided to wear this winter coat that I bought in Aussie. It’s been one and a half year since I last used it. Haha. We took a bus from the city to the park. It wasn’t that far, I think it was just 30 minute-journey. We arrived early (9.40am) and the park opened at 10am. So, we took lots of pictures, and even bought pictures taken by the park cameramen. It was fucking expensive, $159 for one set of pictures. But, why did we still bother buying them?? Easy! Because we looked pretty in those pictures. Hua9


Ocean Park, Hong Kong

So, in Ocean Park, we started with giant pandas first. The first time we saw the giant panda, we  couldn’t believe it. I mean, I always thought that thing is not real, extincts or anything like that but it was there before our eyes.  He was ssoooo cute, eating bamboo leaves. He was like a toy, a giant one. Honestly, I’ve never seen a real panda in my life and that was really priceless.



Then, we took a train to go to the other side of the hill. That is where you can find all the craziest rides, awesome HK views and expensive food. Speaking bout the rides, I just tried one ride, and that was even water ride, not the craziest one. I really wanted to tried all the crazy rides, but I was scared. If I had company to go on those rides, I would. Haha.


The Mine Train.. But they should name it, the Mine-By-the-Sea train.. Hm..

Haha. Berani naek ni jer..

We went on The Ocean Tower to see the Hong Kong view from that island. It was reaally beautiful. The hills, the ocean, the whole park.. Everything was really beautiful. I took lots of pictures when I was up there. Hehe


The Park

The Ocean and The Islands

The Hills..

Then, we went to Atoll Reef, and watched sea animals. The reef had three floors and you can see various types of sea animals like fish, turtles, giant stingrays, jellyfish. All the weird ones. Haha.


I dunno what this is...

Like all other theme parks, the food in Ocean Park was really really expensive, especially the drinks. The Fillet O-Fish (item) that I bought there cost me almost $14-15 HK, and the drink, even just a Coke, it costs almost $16-17 per drink. That is insane! That is more expensive than the food. Even if we converted the Coke price to RM, (RM8), it was still expensive. But, what to do.. We were all hungry. Haha.

On the way back to main park, we took a cable car because we’ve already tried the train. I thought this wasn’t so scary like the one in Genting Highland or Langkawi, so I didn’t really mind. But yeah, at the beginning of it, it really wasn’t so scary. I sat facing the ocean, and it was really cool. I had fun enjoying the view. And I also had fun teasing Salina and Eqa, because they were damn scared of the height. Haha. Nurul and I kept laughing at them, provoked them saying we were getting higher and bla bla.. Sal bit her lips and couldn’t open her eyes. That was sooo funny……… until I looked down. Gulp! I didn’t expect we were that high, and that far from the station. Suddenly I could feel my legs shaking. I couldn’t move my body, seriously. It was reaaaalllly high! And I sat facing the ocean! But I was still laughing. I found it funny realizing that ‘now, I’m scared!’. I looked at Nurul, and she was scared too. We kept looking down and said ‘Shit, shit, shit, shit’, until we couldn’t look down anymore. That was soo scary. But we couldn’t stop laughing. Laughing at the fact now the four of us were scared. Sal cried at the top of the hill and all the down to the main park (well, that one was funny too! hahahahah). Thank God the cable car didn’t stop and swing at that time. If not, maybe I would pee in my pants. Seriously.


Eqa was scared. Haha

Salina was scared too! Haha (again)

This was where Nurul and I got scared! No haha!

After that scary experience, we went to see the giant pandas again. There were two pandas this time. And they were still eating bamboo leaves. And still cute, as always. Haha. We were already tired and wanted to go back even though it was still early. Even though we hadn’t seen everything, but we had seen alot. We were really tired and my leg hurt like hell. So, we went back to the hostel, took a nap and planned to take a walk around the city that evening.


I love pandas adventure!

Day 1 : Avenue of Stars and Symphony of Light, Hong Kong

That evening, around 5.30pm, we went out to go to Avenue of Stars.


Some info about Avenue of Stars : Wikipedia

When we arrived here, it was already dark. Bear in mind, it was winter so they had shorter days than usual. It was hard to take pictures of the hand prints and autograph by the Hong Kong stars, because we didn’t have DSLR. Haha. So, we just walked and tried our best to take pictures of the Victoria Harbour at night. Victoria Harbour is a natural landform harbour situated between Hong Kong island and the Kowloon Peninsula in Hong Kong. It was really beautiful, looking at the colourful lights on the buildings across the sea. I think we were quite lucky because we came during winter, and it was almost Christmas, so most of the light decoration there was Christmas themed.


Colourful lights..

The hand print of Slyvia Chung, one of the famous Hong Kong Stars

We stayed there until late watching the Symphony of Light.


Some info about Symphony of Light : Wikipedia

So, now you get the idea of what Symphony of Light is, right? Hehe. There were these wicked lasers coming out of top of the building across the sea. The idea of doing this was great, but I think the whole event was too simple. The main attraction was just those lasers, nothing else. Maybe because I’ve seen this kind of thing better in Aussie during the River festival, so I wasn’t really impressed by symphony of light. But overall, it was okay.


Symphony of Light


That’s all bout day 1. We really had great time, and pretty tired too. I still have lots of stories to tell. And this will be continued in next entry, HONG KONG!!!!! -Part 2.





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  1. huie says:

    Hi, I would like to know where you took that super wide shot of HK from the peak. The first shot on this blog entry.


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