It Was Perfect!!!!

The  moment he told me that he wanted to celebrate our anniversary in KL, I was still in Hong Kong. I was very excited! Actually, he wanted it to be a surprise, but then due to some reasons, he had to break it to me, told me he was coming. We celebrated it for two days, since our anniversary is actually on two dates, 8th and 9th Dec (Okay, why two days? Because ‘it’ happened on 8th Dec before midnight and continued until 9th Dec after midnight. So, I was not sure when it was actually, it could be before or after midnight (8th or 9th), so I took it as two days. Easier. Hahaha).

We watched two movies, New Moon and Mulan. We bought the gifts on the second day. After watching Mulan, we went to Adidas boutique, because he’s been craving for the new Real Madrid jersey since months ago. He fancied two jerseys, Real Madrid and Spanish jersey. Oh no, 3 actually, Russian jersey. He tried Real Madrid jersey first, but think it didn’t look good on him. So, he changed it to Spanish jersey, the one in red. He said, smart la i pki yg merah ni..’. So, I bought him the Spanish jersey. Hmm.. I guess that’s okay. As long as he’s happy. Hehhe.


The first jersey he tried, the one that he reaaalllly wanted!

Spanish jersey, finally, he wanted this. Haha

Dapat free mini ball.. So, this is his present. He loves this. 🙂

Then, we went to Metrojaya. I am reaaaallly into bags right now. Yes and yes!! And for this anniversary gift, I still wanted a bag. At first, he didn’t wanna buy me anymore bags coz he said, I’ve already had too many already (I bought ONLY two handbags in Hong Kong. Only TWO!). He said, why not perfume, bracelet, or other stuff.. Then, I sulked. Coz I reaaallly want another bag (or two). Then, finally he said, ‘yela2… nak bag, i bagi bag la…’. Hahaha. Yes!!!

I found it hard to find the right bag for me. Sometimes, when I liked the colour, I didn’t like the design. And when I liked the design, I didn’t like the colour. He helped me choosing which bag I wanted, but that didn’t last long. After a while, he sat in the corner and just watching me. He must be exhausted coz I was actually exhausted myself. Carik2 x jumpe2, penat jalan. Then, I walked to Elle area and I spotted this dark blue handbag. I think it’s sooo nice. For me la.. Hehe. I asked for his opinion, he said he also liked that bag. Xder la mcm org tua sgt, dier ckp la. So, it was decided. ‘That bag is mine!’ Hehe.


Elle Handbag. I love this!

Finally, I chose Elle. It was actually between Elle and Guess. You know, sale makes women crazy!

It looks good on me! Haha

Overall, my favourite part of this ‘celebration’ is not really the shopping part, but it is when we were having lunch at Rasamas (Ayamas), on the 1st day. I had soooo many stories to tell him, and I found myself couldn’t stop talking. I was touched when he said he missed my facial expression, my excitements when I was telling him stories. It’s been two weeks he hadn’t seen it, and he said he missed it. If I couldn’t control myself, I might have cried at that time. He was being too sweet, that’s always the problem with him. Hehe. But I like it!

I also bought some souvenirs for him from Hong Kong. You can call it ‘hadiah sampingan’ for our anniversary. Haha. First, I bought him black t-shirt which had this golden Hong Kong name printed on it. ( I also bought the same design for myself, but mine is red. Hehe). Also, this pair of Mickey key-chains that I bought in Disneyland. I asked him to keep the blue one, and I keep the pink one.


Blue and Pink.. 🙂

He's with the blue mickey keychain.. Hehe

I'll keep the pink one.. 🙂

My favourite is this pair of key-chains that I bought in airport. At that time, I thought I had already used all the HK dollars that I had, but turned out I had another $200. So, I spent it by buying more key-chains. One of them was this. They were magnetic key-chains that attached to each other if you put them together. Each one of them keep half of the heart. So yeah, I think that is very sweet. Hahhaa. So, I gave him the boy with half of the heart, and I keep the girl with half of the heart too.


Sweeeeettt.......... Hehe

Same here. He keeps one part of the heart, and I keep the other. Hehe

Now, he’s back to Muar already.. And I miss him soo much…

p/s : The next entry, I’ll share all the sweet experiences that I gained when I was in Hong Kong together with my travel buddies, Nurul, Eqa and Salina. But as for right now, that’s all about it. 🙂

4 thoughts on “It Was Perfect!!!!

  1. mr gonzales says:

    i like this entry.its talk about us.. 🙂
    i had so so so much fun spending times with u this week ;)n i wish we can see each other again soon.. just so u know that u r one of the best things in my life..hehe..thanks 4 everything, since the first day we met till now.. luv u darl!!~ (n_n)

  2. emywinchester says:

    yeah, this is especially for u. me too… i had sooooooooooooo much fun with u.. i promise i pulak yg dtg sane after this.. whenever i’m free.. hehe…
    and you’re surely the best thing for me too.. i’ve been sayin this again and again, but i will never get bored. hehe. i love u forever!

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