Blabbering.. Blah Blah Blah! (shut up and let me go!)

That title is soooo silly! Owh yeah, I know!

(background : watching Miley Cyrus on E!)

Hey there! Last few days I was a bit busy with my family. Well, you know, hang out, shopping etc. It’s almost the end of the holiday, so gotta make a good use of it!¬† Had so much fun!

Went to Alamanda, Putrajaya with mom, Sis Mila, Abg Bob, KakSeha, Aneeq and Danish. Mom wanted to find a handbag, so we walked around the mall to find suitable bag for her. There was year-end sale at Parkson. But mom is very fussy. ‘Super Cerewet!’. She didn’t like most of the bags that I suggested to her. Hmm.. Taste org tua.. Tali pendek sgt la.. Besar sgt la.. Bulky sgt.. Corak die x menarik la.. I really don’t get it! Mila and I made faces every time she rejected our suggestions. Finally, she didn’t buy any bag at all. Thank God dad was not with us. If not, dad would have definitely been mad at her. Haha. But at least now I know where does my super-fussiness come from. Haha

Ni la org tua yg cerewet tu.. Yg pki tdg oren tu.. Haha

The next day, went to SACC with the same objective, finding mom’s handbag. This time, the shopping trip terdiri daripada KakEda, Mila, Wawa, mom and I (Yeah! All ladies!). At the ground floor, there was this crazy sale, 50-70% off! Shoes, bags and wallets. We were all crazy! Mom finally found what she wanted, a brown Bonia handbag with flower-patterned around it (yeah, that bag is for ‘orang tua’, I guess). KakEda and Mila bought cute shoes and I bought…. Nothing. Yeah, so sad. Actually, I wanted this cream bag which had colourful pattern around the zippers but sadly I didn’t bring enough money. Huhu.. And mom wouldn’t let me borrow her money coz she said, ‘Hutang lame pon ko x abes byr lgi..’ Adus mak ni… Huhu… So, I didn’t buy that bag. Which is sooo sad.

Then, we went across the mall to Kompleks PKNS. Mila wanted to buy scarfs. I was not really in the mood coz I didn’t get the bag. So, I just walked slowly following them from behind. She had already bought two scarfs and still considering to buy more. Then, I decided to buy few scarfs and shawls, just for the sake of buying something. Afterall, I’m gonna be teaching soon. I need more scarfs.. (as well as more baju kurungs, more shoes, more bags….). Huhu…

I looked, I picked, I paid. I dunno if it's cute. :-p

Planning to wear this on the first day to school.. But.. Dunno la.. Let's see..

The next day, we went to Jusco Bukit Raja. I still wanted a bag. But then, I added more, I wanted a new tshirt, a new dress, a new pair of jeans and a new pair of shoes! Haih.. This is sooo sad and very hurt. Go shopping with not enough money in the pocket. Mom bought new watch. I chose it for her. Very cute! Then, when mom was happy getting new watch, I asked her to buy me the cute dress that I’ve been spying since she was at the watch counter. Maybe because she was in a good mood, so she bought me the dress. Soooooooooo cute and mom, thank you very much!

So flowery.. So cute!

Haha! Not with that tshirt, jeans and sandals of course.. I was lazy to take them off, So I just wore the dress straight away. Haha

So, enough bout the outings. Now, let’s talk about my posting. I asked Mr.Gonzales to check on my posting at the JPNS website. He told me that I got SK Tebok Jawa, Sabak Bernam (before that he pranked me by saying that I got a school in Gombak. Kurang asam! Mom said I looked like I nearly cried!). So, I got a school in hometown. It’s only less than five-minute drive from home. I already called the school to inform them that I will be posted there. I spoke to the GPK 1, and he was really nice and very welcoming. So, that made me less nervous. Hehe. Hope, everything’s okay.. ūüôā

My posting details..

SK Tebok Jawa, Sabak Bernam

Interesting trivia. Mr.Gonzales will be teaching in SK Parit Pechah, Muar, but the name of the place is Parit Jawa. And my school name is SK Tebok Jawa. Funny that we both are sent to places that have Javanese names while we ourselves are NOT Javanese.

Well, as for me, I’m really not Javanese even though I live in Sabak Bernam. My family moved to Sabak from Petaling Jaya coz my dad was transferred to one of the schools in Sabak as a principal many years ago. And my dad himself is Malay-Mandailing, and my mom is Malay-Bugis. That makes me Mandailing Bugis. No Javaese blood at all, (expect for our in-laws). Errm… Why am I explaining this? Haha. I used to have issue with this matter, especially when I was little (primary school), my friends keep saying that ‘I’m Javanese’. I used to get reaaallly mad, and blabbering about my heritage in front of my friends. Silly me! They didn’t understand a thing. Haha.

Okayla.. Enough of all this. I wanna go get some lunch!

And to all of my friends, Happy Teaching, and to all,

Happy New Year!

p/s – New resolution?? Yeah! All bout money!

Merepek Meraban!

(background music : Brick By Boring Brick by Paramore, Tik Tok by Kei$ha, If It Kills Me by Jason Mraz, Until You’re Mine by Demi Lovato and Crazier by Taylor Swift)

It’s raining heavily outside right now. I’m sitting in the dark, on a couch, infront of TV and trying to write something. But no idea. Until now, what I did was typed two or three sentences, read them, and pressed ‘backspace’ button until those two or three sentences disappeared. I repeated that few times already. I’m really in the mood of blogging, but sadly, I don’t know what to write. So, this entry is going to be quite rubbish. I’m just gonna write about whatever that will cross my mind. Keep reading if you want, but if you dont, please click on the ‘x’ at your top-left. Hehe

I miss my man. That’s the first thing that I thought just now. I’m texting him right now actually. He’s watching National Geography bout some endangered animals and how to take care of them. Guess what? Now, he’s on his way to diet.. Seriously. Well, yeah, he’s been trying to slim down since last few months. He succeed for a while, but then when I was off of that subject for few weeks, he gained more kgs. Haiya.. But now, I think my job is getting easier especially when his mom is also forcing him to slim down (thank you makcik!!). From what he told me, he said that his mom was angry because he didn’t take care of his shape. Wait for the funniest part. Her mom said, ‘Kena la kurus, bini ko kurus. Kalau x nak kurus, nnti Emy lari. Baru tau. ‘Hahahaha. Takde la sampai mcm tu makcik.. I wont leave him, that I can promise. Saya sayang anak makcik tu. Sgt!! Haha

Owh, while we are in this topic, I just wanna write something that I’ve been keeping down here in my heart, for quite some time. This slimming down thing, this is what HE wants. Many times, I got asked by certain people, ‘Kalau die x kurus, ko sayang die lgi x?’ To be honest, I totally hate that question. SUPER HATE! Whether they intended or not, it offended me a little. I was like, ‘Do you think I’m that shallow??’, ‘Do you think I dont have a brain on my own that I can’t think properly of what I’m doing?’. That love subject, IT’S SOOO OUT OF QUESTION! Of course I love him no matter what. In fact, I love him so much! But here, be realistic. Don’t you want the best for your partner?? I do. This is what HE wants. And I’m helping him. Coz he once told me, if he gets what he targets, he’ll be happy. I want him to be happy. THAT’s what I’m doing.

And another thing, I want us to¬† grow old together and stay healthy. So I start to advice him about what should he eat more, and what should he eat less while he’s still young. It’s not about being slim totally, it’s about being healthy. I don’t think it’s a crime by asking your beloved to live healthier, is it? I’m doing what’s best for us, for our future life,¬† not for my own sake. Kalau org lain tu, lantak diorg la nk camane.. I don’t care. Even if I do, I don’t have any rights to interfere. Tpi yang ni, si dier yang suh aku jadi dier punyer dietitian. So.. Aku mang kena kisah. But ‘kisah’ means concern. Concern means care. And care means love… Apa2 pon, bukan sbb lain. It’s all because of love.

I still have more to say in order to defend myself. In fact, I kept deleting what I wrote just now coz I dunno how to put what I’m about to say in a nice way. It may hurt some people. So, x payah la tulis.. What’s more important, I know my reasons, and I love you sooooooo much Mr.Gonzales!!! Hihi

K la, change topic!

Tomorrow, I’m gonna call JPN-S for the details about my posting. Hm.. Most of my friends said that I’m lucky that I got my own state. Yeah, I think so too especially after I didn’t put Selangor as my 1st choice, and I didn’t have ‘big cable’ to help me getting my own state. Yet, I still get it. Alhamdulillah.. That, I was a bit relieved. But still, as I said in my previous entry, Selangor itself is a big state. I could be posted to anywhere, far from home. I hope, I will be posted to one of the schools in Sabak Bernam. I’ve been away from home since I was 13. Staying in school hostel for 5 years, then had PLKN for 3 months, then studied in KL for 3 years before flying off to Australia for 2 years, then came back to KL for the final year. I think I have learnt enough how to be independent. Well, scratch that. I mean, not THAT independent, but what I mean here, I know now how to take care of myself. It’s time for me to stay home now, taking care of my parents before I get married and move to somewhere else with my husband.

I really-really hope that I’ll be posted to Sabak. But if that doesn’t happen, what can I do?

Allah knows the best.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

p/s – Dalam tatau nk tulis ape tu, byk pulak aku tulis.. Haha

Again, Happy Birthday Nephew!!!

There are four birthdays in my family in December. My sis in law-Kak Seha, Danish, Ean and Aneeq. So, usually, we celebrate the birthdays of four of them together. So, this is Aneeq! His real name is Muhd Aneeq Daniel Uqail bin Muhd Asyraf. We call him, Aneeq and sometimes when he’s being naughty, we call him Abang Aneeq. Biar dier sedar diri sket. Haha. Yesterday, 27th December 2009, he was turning 8. Like Ean’s birthday, I’m posting the birthday entry a day later than the birth date. Coz I always forgot their birthdays, and usually someone will remind me in the afternoon, or evening. So, x sempat la nk post entry. Hehehehe. But still,


Aneeq, in the car.

Aneeq Is Erm…. Well, Let’s See..

He’s the eldest son of my brother (Aneeq and Danish). My brother only has two children.

Unlike Ean, I think that even though Aneeq is very rough and naughty, but he always gets bullied by his little brother, Danish. Haha. What I mean here, he is always ‘mengalah’.

He has rough voice even when he was very little, 3-4 years old. I always made fun of his rough voice by mocking whatever he said with my rough voice too. He never got mad. He did what he does the best, ‘buat tatau’. Hahahaa.

Same like Ean, he also plays Play Station (PSP) like crazy. His favourite game, Ben-10. I used to play the game, and I was quite good at it too. Hahhahahaha

He loves TOMYAM soo much!! If balik kampung, he always asked my mom to cook him tomyam. ‘Wan (‘Wan’ is what my nephews and nieces call my mom), buat tomyam.’ And my mom will make a pile of it.

Ean and Aneeq are best friends. When the two of them are together, abes la… Kalau time family outing (my bro’s and my sis’ family), memang macam2 drama la diorg berdua buat. Sampai the moms letih sgt. We used to call them ‘Kembar Siam’ coz they both memang sangat ‘melekat’ sebelum Danish (Adik Aneeq) lahir. Bile Danish dah lahir tu la jdi The Triplets pulak. Haha).

Best Cousins aka Kembar Siam (Ean and Aneeq)

The Triplets, Danish, Ean and Aneeq

Aneeq and Ean have lots of similarities. Aneeq’s afraid of furry animals too especially cats. And like Ean, Aneeq pon kalau dipukul sbb nakal, mang jarang nanges. Geram!

He always hits me. The other day, he punched me on my tummy. And spontaneously, I hit him back once, really hard (Aku pukul orang memang kuat tau! X caye tanyer Mr.Gonzales. Hahahahah). Then, still x puas hati, I hit him again, twice and thrice. But he just laughed. Ermm. Dier sakit tu. Tpi dier cover. Hahah. Pdn muke.

But despite all the things that I did to you, I still love you sooooo much!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Aneeq!
Sweet 8!


Happy Birthday Tikus!

This is my Tikus (rat mouse). His name is Mohd Ilhan Naquib Kamarul Zaman, lebih manja dipanggil sebagai Ean or ‘Adhek’ (It is actually Adik, tpi sbb dier slalu ngade2 nk dirinya dipanggil adik, dier buat gaya2 pelat. Memang mengade you!). Yesterday (24th December 2009), was his 6th birthday. So,


Ean, ni time raye.

Here some info about Ean.

He’s my sister’s youngest child (KakLong, KakNgah, Yas and Ean).

He’s the bully in his family. Always pick a fight with his sisters especially KakNgah, and always makes his brother Yas cry.

He hardly cries. Kalo dier nakal, pukul camane pon, mang susah nk nanges! Sampai yg memukul tu letih.

He hates to shower especially in the morning. He usually showers at 2pm (tu pon lepas sume org dah mengamuk coz dier x mandi lgi), because at 3pm, he has to go to ‘Kelas Agama (mengaji).

He loves to go to Kelas Agama. Every morning, he will ask his mom, “Umi, dah pukul 3 ke blom?”. Do you know why? Coz kelas dier tu ade air-cond. He is really a bit fussy. X suka peluh2.

He plays Play Station like crazy. He also cannot ‘berenggang’ with his PSP.

He loves to call himself, Adhek, or Tikus.We used to call him Baby T-Rex, coz he liked to scream like a dinosaur. Well, we call him that, still. Coz he still screams like that.

He’s afraid of furry animals like cats, dogs.. etc. Dari dulu smpi sekarang.

At Safari Park, Indonesia. He was afraid of that albino tiger cub. Haha

What does his family say about him?

His mother (my sis) : “Ini adalah tikus yg paling besar dalam rumah ni”, while pointing at Ean who at that time was sneaking into kitchen cabinet.

His sister (KakNgah) : “Ean, could you plz stop being like that?? You are soo gedik, do you know that?!! Menyampah!!” while staring at him who was making a face.

His granny (my mom) : “Tula… Lain kali jgn suke mengejek org.. Kan dah kena pukul.” At that time, Ean bru pas kena blasah ngn Yas, sbb Ean ejek Yas yg time tu bru pas kena marah ngn my sis. Hahahaha.

Ean’s famous quotatation

“Hey! Ini bukan Adhek la.. Ini Tikus!!” while pointing at himself.

“Kalo umi marah, Ean x takut. Sbb kalo umi marah tu, mukanyer mcm commmeeeelllll jer..” My sis nk marah pon, x jdi marah, and she said to me, “Patutla kalo aku marah jer, dier ckp, ‘YES!!’. Kurang asam btol!”

“Ean x suke manje ngn KakNgah. Sbb arie tu KakNgah x nak belanje Ean aiskrim.” responding to my question why he loves KakLong more than KakNgah.

“Ermm.. Lawa! Lawa mcm princess!” responding to my question whether I’m beautiful or not. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

Ean, at the aiport. The face that's full of tricks!

Well, proudly I say, THAT IS MY SMART NEPHEW!!!
Happy Birthday To You My Tikus!

Life Must Go On

I just called BPG Putrajaya this morning and got the result for my posting next year. I’LL BE POSTED TO SELANGOR!! Hehhehe.. I was quite relieved when I knew the result. Most of my friends will be posted to Johor. And I did half-expect that I would be posted to Johor too which I don’t mind, really. So, I straight away called BPG (for a million times!!), and yeah, finally they confirmed that I got Selangor, my own state! Then, I called JPN-Selangor for further details. And they asked me to call them back on 29th December to know which school I’ll be posted to. Hmm.. Selangor itself is a big state. I could be posted to anywhere. That actually makes me nervous even more. I don’t wanna teach far from my house so then I could just live here with my family. At this stage, it’s time for me to save some money. So, it’ll be great if the money for house-renting could be saved a bit for future. For my future. Hehe

I haven’t updated my blog, for quite some time. The thing is, I had to prioritize other things that suddenly popped-up that I didn’t have time to update my blog. One of the things was, on 21st December 2009, my grandma who I call ‘nenek’, Hajjah Aminah binti Abd Ghani passed away. Even though I didn’t cry at all, but surely I felt soo sad. That was the only grandparent that I had after my grandpa died when I was 14 years old. She died at my uncle’s house in Taman Medan, KL. We got the news that she would not be long on Friday. My brother and sister went back to Sabak to pick us up (coz ayah had some troubles driving at night) before straight away heading to KL that night. Mom stayed at my uncle’s house with my all other aunts, uncles and cousins whereas the rest of us ‘berulang alik’ from Shah Alam (my sister’s house). Now, since my grandma was gone, I don’t have anymore grandparent.

But not too sad.
Nek, we’ll surely meet again.

Semoga Tuhan mencucuri rahmat ke atasnya.