Total Random


Okay, this is going to be pretty random. Actually, I don’t know what to write, yet my hands keep on typing.

I think today is the most unproductive day that I’ve ever had in my life..

I sneaked out Anti-Dadah talk this morning. It was just too boring. Thanks to Sal.

Somehow I feel like I can’t wait to get married. Too honest? This is my blog, I’m supposed to be too honest. But you know, I still don’t have confidence to cook for two. It would be soo terribly sad watching him throwing up my food.

I’m not looking forward to get posted. Reaally, knowing which school I’ll be posted to, it feels like watching my own funeral. And yes, I exaggerated. Nothing like that actually. I dunno what I typed.

I didn’t eat much today. But I’m not hungry. Usually, if I didn’t take lunch, I’m already starving by now.

Fifi is sick! What a shame. Planning to bring it to her doctor tomorrow. Deep in my heart, I wish I would get new Fifi. The same colour, but new one.

It’s 1943. And I’m typing in the dark. I’m too lazy to switch on the light. Mr.Gonzales called just now, waking me up just in case I was still sleeping. I woke up by myself actually, but pretended that he woke me up. Dunno why I did that. He asked me if I wanted to join him for dinner, and I said, ‘Hmm.. Tengokla..’ in a ‘mamai’ kind of way. He also asked me to take a shower, and I said, ‘Okay!’, but here, I’m still blogging. If I’m soo lazy to switch on the light, never mind taking a shower.

Dun have any idea why am I sooo lazy today!

Getting sick of listening to this weird sound that Fifi makes. What the hell is wrong with you?

Nurul just went back from dinner. She’s sleeping right now. I guess she’s also too lazy to switch on the light.

Okay! It’s 1951. I really need to take a shower.


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