I Don’t Know What To Write For The Title. Haha


Hey, just a lil quickie here after few days of not updatin my blog. This week has been HELL! Was busy with lots of craps regarding to pracs, and now I’m glad that it’s the WEEKENDDDD!!

I’m going out with Mr.Gonzales this afternoon. Erm, to be exact in 4o minutes time. But I haven’t had my shower yet! Shhh… I think I might be late, again! Haha. Thinking of watching UP, since I haven’t watched that one yet and I heard that the reviews are quite good. So, yeah. It’s UP!



p/s – Just read a status on fbuk. Hmm.. Why are some people are sooo unhappy and upset with themselves, and being a real dick about other people who are havin a tremendous life??


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