Sweet Is Really Your Middle Name, Love! ;-)


Picture courtesy from Helena Douchet

Background Music, Obsessed by Miley Cyrus.

Text msgs between Mr.Gonzales and I, last night..

Winchester : Owh, so u men (futsal) ke x? Haha. Sebok je i ni.

Gonzales : Xr. Nk teman syg i. Bley? Hehe

Winchester : Hehe… Btol? Nk teman i? Nape x jd men?

Gonzales : Da lme xtmn u. I xnk u busan lg. Bce blog u pn i rase slh. Xtmn u. Hehe

Winchester : Haha. Yg bosan gle tu ke? Hehe. Td u sakit kepala. I mls kacau..

So last night, to redeem himself, he sang me to sleep…

Thank you love…



This song is especially dedicated for you,
Obsessed by Miley Cyrus

“I just had to call you up and say hello.
I know it’s 3 AM.
And I saw you awhile ago.
But I still had this aching pain to hear your voice
To know you’re there
I don’t seem to have any choice.
Am I obsessed with you?
I do my best not to want you.
But I do all the time.
I do all the time.”

“Always obsessed with you!”


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