RM60, The Price For My Carelessness


Hahahah! Looking at the picture above, you can guess what is it that I wanna tell here. Stupid me! Let me tell you what happened to us (Ponnie, Eqa and I) this morning.

Since I was the first who got ready for school, Ponnie asked me to start the car engine first to warm it up. It was 7.05 then. It was still dark and I waited for Eqa and Ponnie in the car. Then, when I saw Ponnie was walking towards the car, I got out to open the car bonnet. I tried to open the front door from outside but I couldn’t. I was like, ‘Shoot! What’s wrong? Did I lock the car??.’ Right then I remembered that Ponnie’s car was a bit ‘different’ from any other cars. The doors could be automatically locked from inside even though the engine was still running. I was soo panic. I quickly went back to the back door and tried to open it, hoping that I hadn’t shut it yet. But I did! And it was already locked from inside! So, all my stuff including handbag, cellphone, lesson plans and teaching materials for my class today were inside the car. With the radio on and the engine was still running, we were all locked outside the car. And it was 7.15 already!

It was bright, but were still in IPBA. Huhu. Ponnie was calling someone for help.

It was bright already, but were still in IPBA. Huhu. Ponnie was calling someone for help.

My stuff which was locked inside the car

My stuff which was locked inside the car

Ponnie and Eqa's stuff locked outside the car. Haha

Ponnie and Eqa's stuff, locked outside the car. Haha

Abg Guard yg cube menolong kami..

Abg2 Guard yg cube menolong kami..

Berusaha... tpi x berjaye... Hu..

Berusaha... tpi x berjaye... Hu..

Then, we saw Capiq came back from driving Lorex and Rini to their school. So, we stopped him in case if he could help. But he also didn’t know what to do.

Capiq, our savior. Hahaha

Capiq, x pasal2 kene temankan kitorg. Hahaha

Smile sket capiq!!

Smile sket capiq!!

I tried to call Mr.Gonzales too since he knows quite much about cars or whatever that related to cars, but what else could he do? He was already in school. So he could only give options through phone. 1) Break the front window (which we would NOT do) or, 2) Call the mechanic or ‘tukang kunci’. Even though the second option would take longer time than the first one and we were already late, we still would not want to break the front window (WHO WOULD??! duh~~) as it would cost more more more money.

So, since there was nothing else that we could do except for waiting for the ‘tukang kunci’ to arrive, we asked Capiq to send us to school since Eqa and I had class at 9.15am. Lagipon, dier punyer class during afternoon session, so pgi tu dier free. Haha. Nways, Capiq was a big help! Thank you so much!! Hihi

Arrived at school at 8.50 am. Still had few minutes left to prepare my back-up lesson plan since I didn’t have my lesson plan and teaching materials with me. Hahaha. HangMan game, what else. So, for the whole two periods, I just played HangMan game with my students about the names of transportation.

Bakugan (whatever) that I took from the students in my class today.

Bakugan Toy (or whatever) that I 'rampas' from the students in my class today.

Going back to the staffroom, some of the teachers still asked about what had happened to us this morning. Worst, they thought we had an accident! Not long after that, Ponnie came back to school with the very car. The price to unlock the door was RM60. It was fucking expensive, but what to do.. My own fault. Haih…

I still think it was funny, stupid and unbelievable. Haha. Like Ponnie said, this kind of things just happen in movies, not in real life. Ramai pulak tu yg tgk tdi. Malu btol. Bru nk bukak lembaran baru for 2nd phase of practicum.. It was just not a good start!



2 thoughts on “RM60, The Price For My Carelessness

  1. emywinchester says:

    haha. i wondered what the hell la bakugan is… i told my students that i wanted to throw those toys away. but till now, i still keep it. then my nephews saw the toys and they want them. haha

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