Introducing, My New Pinkish Baby!!!

Hi everyone… It’s been like…. What? A month?? Since I last updated my blog. Busy is one thing, but the other reason is because my Baby Winchester was having some problems at that time . Or in other words, let me just say that she was dying. Poor my baby…

But now, I have a new BABY!!!! And it’s a she! This Luxury Pink Sony Vaio is a new addition to my Winchester siblings. And the name is, Fifi Winchester!! (credit to Mr.Gonzales for naming her, haha).

Fifi Winchester

Fifi Winchester

Fifi Winchester

Fifi Winchester

I bought this at Midvalley, House of Notebooks. Hehe, at first I was torn apart between Dell and Vaio. And I was actually thinking of whether I should go for higher price, better features (VAIO), or cheaper price, better specs (DELL). Mr.Gonzales wanted me to buy Dell (well, of course, guys dont buy gadgets based on features!), but I was more attracted to this pinkish laptop (not that I like pink!). So… here she is!! Fifi Winchester, the pinkish laptop! Haha!

I dunno if you guys still remember that I actually wanted to buy Red Sony Vaio. Yeah, that was my first choice. But, due to ‘tanak-sama-ngn-kau’ problem, I had to forget that choice. But the Pink is not so bad, huh?

So, my Baby Winchester, thanks for your hard work for almost 3 years. Have a good rest, love!!

Baby Winchester, R.I.P

Baby Winchester, R.I.P

Fifi is the second pink gadget that I have after my cellphone. huahua…*


15 thoughts on “Introducing, My New Pinkish Baby!!!

  1. gonzales says:

    not bad ur fifi winchester!!!haha..a little bit weird wit tat name but i’l try to get used wit it..hihihi..i luv pinky!!!!hahahaha…

  2. wanna says:

    girls..owez go for the style. haha. welcome to the nu world fifi, but u better be very careful wif emy k? hahaha.
    Dell is better in spec. i admit it. as Dell is the best at least in asia. i donno in the world. hehe.
    but sony vaio still cool wat. i oso love the features….
    tekke of ur laptop la emy yaa…hahaha.
    eh, i heard IPBA pun closed becos of the H1N1? IS IT?

  3. emywinchester says:

    haha! mesti la mau yg style! stuff like this are not the ones that we can buy everyday. hehe. i know dell is good, but the one that i considered the other day was especially for gamers. had graphic card and stuff… so.. i dont think i need those since i’m not a gamer. hehe.

    yep, fifi! welcome to my world. hahaha

    closed because of h1n1?? where did u hear it? hehehe… no la… well, i wish laaa that news is true so then i can lepak2 at home. hahah..

  4. hunny says:

    wahhh…laptop pink!! haha. ak br bli mp3 sony pink jgak! mle2 nk amek merah itam, tp cmne ntah last2 amek pink. hahhaa ;p cool2 comel gla nama fifi sme name ngn sdare ak. haha ;p

  5. pinky says:

    acer aspire one pink
    I bought this netbook in February and it is still as fast and effective as it was when I took it out of the box. I take it with me to the library every time I go so I can access the wireless network on my own machine, plus I’ve taken it on vacation because it’s so portable. Plus, I do all of my graduate school work on this little machine. It still boots quickly and is able to run multiple applications at once. My favorite aspects of this computer are its portability, decent battery life, and the cute pink color.

  6. Megan "Best Netbook 2009" says:

    perfectly pink
    I love my new laptop. The keys are perfectly spaced, the small screen is awesome, the pink is perfect. I got this computer to go to college and I am so glad I did. I used to have another brand, but I always had issues. So far, this computer has done everything I wanted and has great features. I would highly recommend one if you dont want a mac or dell. Oh yea, the color is great.

  7. emywinchester says:

    to pinky and megan = i’ve already bought this pinky laptop (sony vaio). i believe that’s a good laptop in terms of features as well as far, i’m very satisfied and happy with it’s performance. as for pinky, i dun really like acer but hey, we all have different interests, don’t we? hehe

  8. alan says:

    Sony VAIO VGN-CS260J/P 14.1-Inch Laptop
    First off, don’t buy it because its pretty. Yes I have it in pink but that was not the determining factor; I just love that I have the option. What the other reviewer is saying about the keyboard I don’t get because yeah the keys ARE spaced together but its a typical laptop keyboard but its comfortable to type on. The best part is all that gunk and funk don’t get stuck in between the keys but they aren’t so close together.

    Its fast, and has a lot of space although its still smart to back up your stuff so you don’t get screwed in case something does happen. The sound quality is great; I do voice over IP and there was no issue. Also, when I was working with the Blu-ray and other things it is great;the graphics and picture quality are amazing and the screen is just the right size. I watch Blu-ray’s, DVS’s and also download from Netflix to this computer and its perfect! The touch sensor AV control is a nice touch.

    For photos, I love that it has all the slots not just one. Especially because no one is getting pictures from me if I have to take that extra step of hooking a camera up to the computer to do it.

    Out of the box the battery setting comes out OPTIMIZED I recommend the Balanced setting or you be constantly recharging your battery. My only beef is windows vista which takes some time getting used to but is an easy transition. Also, word of warning scrap the Windows OneCare its crap and they are doing away with it because it performs so poorly yet Microsoft still allows people to purchase it. Save your money for Norton instead.

    Lastly,I’ve had this computer for over two months now and not a problem. This is my second Vaio the first which is over five years old and with my active duty husband aboard a US Navy submarine. And trust me he is not gentle with anything. These are NOT crap-made computers and last a good long time when you take care of them right. (p.s. I also buy a sqauretrade warranty to be on the safe side too). Buy it you won’t regret it.

  9. Pink says:

    Acer Aspire One AOD250-1962
    I love this netbook. Its small enough that i can take it anywhere but not so

    small that i cant see the screen. I adapted very well to the keys that are

    smaller and closer together.. and dont have any problems with it. Everything

    loads up quickly and the colors are great. The battery does die out rather

    quickly but that is why it is good to bring the charger with you when you go

    places.. the webcam works nicely too. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is

    under a budget and needs a laptop.

  10. pink says:

    Pink Sony Vaio
    I purchased this Vaio from the Sony website. You can get the same machine, only you can choose your own specs: (such as a larger hard drive, faster processor etc). It’s an extremely attractive machine (hey, it’s pink that’s one of the reasons you are buying it, right?), the exterior is very sturdy the screen bright and clear, and the design is very modern.

    It is also virtually soundless although the hard drive can make a really high-pitched sound when its accessing. The battery power is decent, although I opted to upgrade my battery.

    Negatives: I found the vista edition less integrated with the Sony hardware than I would like. For instance, you cannot play DVDs in media center even though it has that option. Media center doesn’t recognize the dvd drive. Instead you can only use Wind..

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