New Moon from Twilight Series


Before I go further, this is the new movie trailer from Twilight series, NEW MOON. Have a peek!

Based on the New Moon novel, Jacob’s character is given more exposure compared to Edward’s, the actual hero of Twilight series. New Moon tells more about Jacob being a werewolf, the hows and the whys. But I dunno how they’re gonna do it for the movie. Let’s just see!

Now, let’s go to WHO’s HOT and WHO’s NOT!!
Between the vampire Edward Cullen & the werewolf Jacob Black.

First of all, my apology to most of Twilight series fans. I know most of Twilight readers are obsessed with the so-called ‘cool’ vampire Cullen, the hero of that series. I was one too when I first read Twilight. But starting from the second until fourth book, New Moon, Eclipse and last one, Breaking Dawn, I started to like Jacob Black more, or Jake (the nickname is even cooler, right?).

Why Jacob Black is better? Simple! Here’s why.

Jacob is not a controlling person.
He lets Bella explore her own adventures, more outdoor stuff for example riding bikes. Even though by allowing such thing, Bella will be lots more exposed to danger and injury, but no matter what, Jacob still gets her back.

Jacob has human body temperature.
Comon! What’s the fun in having a boyfriend whose chest is cold as ice and hard as marble?? Better be in love with a rock!

Jacob has his own pack which I think so COOL!
I know that Cullen has his own coven too, but his is not as cool as Jacob’s. I mean, they’re werewolves. Whenever they’re tired being human, they phase into werewolves. Imagine that you’re walking side by side with this super huge wolf. It’s like you have a wolf as your pet! Isn’t that cool?! Haha! Actually this is too subjective, I can’t really justify why, but I just think the mongrels are alot cooler than bunch of leeches. Haha!
Owh, plus! Those werewolf guys are funny! 😀

Jacob is not immortal.
He just doesn’t grow, and that’s even a temporary thing. He will grow after he decides to stop phasing into a werewolf. With vampires, there’s no such thing. I think it sucks to love someone who is immortal, like Edward. Right?  You will grow old alone, unless if you become a vampire too.

Anyways, I’m just saying that if I were Bella, I will feel safer and lot happier around Jacob and his pack rather than being with Cullen and his coven. Plus, Jacob doesn’t drink blood. At all. 🙂

The Fire and The Ice

The Fire and The Ice

Jake and Bells

Jake and Bells

*Sorry, I don’t run with vampires*


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